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House Huntin' Sweater

This sweater dress needs no introduction:

I don’t understand them… Is it a sweater or a dress? They shouldn’t be combined. It’s like Indoor pools… I just. 271 more words

Roommate Anticipation

Ok, I admit it. I haven’t done squat in terms of DIY apartment fixin’ uping. However, I have found my next roommate! (Now if the current one could just get the f* out!). 452 more words


Put Your Feet Up (Easy No-Sew Scarf Stool)

Grace has been eating the edge of my footstool. To be honest the footstool has seen better days anyway, it was starting to look shabby and wouldn’t come properly clean. 246 more words


Creating a Cohesive Space Part Two: No-Sew Striped Curtains

For years I have loved a striped drapery at a particular home décor store. The one I love, in the size I need, would cost me $200. 396 more words


Off the deep end

I’m trying to convince myself that I’m not past the point of no return. I mean, every responsible dog owner makes sure to have doggie life jackets on hand, right?   506 more words


Bloomin' Burlap Wreath

Some pops of bright color make this wreath suitable for hanging in spring or summer.

I especially love the contrast in textures between the burlap, felt, and lace. 67 more words

Craft/DIY Ideas

Cute Easy DIY Bow Scarf

Adorable right! Perfect for a simple but cute outfit for winter, if you want to learn how to make this just click here.