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That House

<written Feb. 12, 2012

Rich Krauss
You have a nice house.
I don’t mean like a
real house. I mean
like your nice
ass. Your real… 228 more words

9 a.m. Topic: No Shame...

With Ken’s “Manly Minute” talking about the girly things that men admit to doing, and Cody getting his eyebrows done, today’s 9 a.m. Topic is: “Yeah… I do it anyway.” Sound off below with something you don’t usually admit to doing! 21 more words


Adventures in Waxing: A PG-13 Rated Post

     This is not a post for the faint of heart & rated a mere PG-13. You might as well learn early on that I have no filter. 588 more words


The Unholy Trinity - FriDate! <3

Hey! (I’m the weirdo on white, Bonana with the blue cardigan, and geianne on the black sleeves.)

We’re gonna have our summer classes soon, except for Bonana so we decided to have a food threesome. 52 more words



So I’m not one of those Christians that believes you can only listen to religious music, because lets be honest here, sometimes it’s boring and repetitive. 324 more words

Do Something!

I volunteer for them.  Check them out.

Open your mind, don’t judge, just love.

What are you doing with your spare time??????

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

I have now spent three months at this weird place they call university. I now see why people place students in their own little catagory, they really are a completely different species, not quite human not quite ape. 332 more words