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I am a couple days late for this update, but you know, sick kiddos and stuff will certainly make you lose track of time… and days! 616 more words

Keeping it Going :)

So guys, as of today I am now at 238.4 pds! What! My new diet of no soda is working! It is very hard not to drink soda, but i am doing it. 121 more words

Finding My Achilles' Tummy.

Seriously, readers.
That booty, though.

Could my ass get any bigger?
I don’t want to find out.

That is actually a flattering picture
because you can’t see my stomach. 148 more words


Oh, what a day..

Well here is my second blog entry. I thought I’d have more to say but I had an uneventful few days.. well, besides the MOUNTAIN OF SNOW (for Victoria anyway) dumped on us and caused me great misery because I had on paper thin shoes, no sweater under my coat and my socks were wet and I had to stand outside in the wet rain for over an hour waiting for my bus that was late, because nobody knows how to drive in the snow on this part of the Island! 540 more words

Weight Loss