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No Spin Zone-Mount Carmel rebounding from Selinsgrove loss.

In Week Two the Red Tornadoes loss big to  AAA Selinsgrove.. It was a rough game as the Tornadoes lost by 50 plus points but the Tornadoes did not give up winning the last three games straight. 98 more words

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No Spin Zone- NS OLine real deal, Injury bug has hit

The North Schuylkill offensive line was supposed to be good.. In the summer the Spartans held a Lineman Challenge with teams participating with traditional good offensive lines such as Southern Columbia and the Spartans dominated. 323 more words

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No Spin Zone-Anthracite League after week 3

Well we are three weeks in the season and most predictions have came true thus far in the anthracite league.  Many publications including our blog predicted North Schuylkill would have a dominate line and defense.  233 more words

No Spin Zone- MCA and Haven's tough week, Rarigs injury and Lehighton vs NS

There was some disappointments last week and they were Mount Carmel and Schuylkill Haven. Most People expected MCA to at least give Selinsgrove a game. This was not the case.. 333 more words

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No Spin Zone- Thoughts after Week one-Spartans Look Tough

We ranked the Spartans 4th in our preseason poll in the area and I think we made a mistake. Watching the Tamaqua- North Schuylkill game just wowed us.. 468 more words

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No Spin Zone-The Anthracite League from the big picture

The no spin Zone will be a blog segment where we don’t throw any punches and tell it like it is.

The Anthracite League  should be VERY INTERESTING  to say the least in 2014. 1,332 more words

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