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No Words

I don’t know where to start. What can you do when the fragility of the world you live in is revealed to you? When your eyes are opened to the reality that life is fleeting and terrible things still happen? 820 more words


28. Witness a miracle

As a student midwife, about to complete internship (Woop!), I have had the extreme privilege of helping 37 tiny little beings come into this world so far in my career.  38 more words

The Bucket List

Three Silences



The ear buzzing silence.

A moment.


A smile.

No words.



The look of the breeze.

Written Work

No Words

you are stronger than my words. all that come to mind i’ve heard before. you took the ground beneath my feet.

i can’t put you in a box, but i wish i could form a thought of how i think of you, so i could tell you what you mean to me: 195 more words