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Learning when to say 'No'

I hate saying ‘no’. To a friend, to a client, to a director. It puts you in the negative. It makes them think you’re being unhelpful or to good for them. 647 more words


My Sad Bike

Energy collect in fists
mounted on the handle bars
of rusted Schwinn’s
aching to spin again
but the motivation
makes excuses to do
anything but feel good.

Recovery (USA)

Oh, Girls.

Oh, girls.

When she walks past me, I wish to tell the world she is not a beautiful as she regards herself to be. I wish to tell the world all the horrible things that she has done. 345 more words

Little Thoughts

"No means No!" ... Doesn't it?

A fantastic comparison to describe rape culture and the meaning of consent.


April 23, 2014

Today should just be a day you smile.

No reason.

Just smile.


A gratitude lullaby

Simple but honest. I intent to revisit this lullaby if I think things aren’t going well, to remind me that there is always something to be thankful for. 195 more words