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NOAA and Partners Invest in an Innovative New Stewardship Program for Washington's Commencement Bay

Last week, NOAA and partners awarded $4.9 million to EarthCorps for long-term stewardship of restoration sites in Commencement Bay near Tacoma, Washington. The Commencement Bay Stewardship Collaborative is part of a larger investment that will conserve habitat for fish and wildlife and give local urban communities access to the shoreline. 343 more words


Climate: U.S. sees coldest winter since 1985

In March, record cold readings outnumbered record highs by five to one

Staff Report

FRISCO — Federal climate experts this week confirmed what a lot of people already knew instinctively — a long, cold winter stretched well into March in many parts of the country, with the average monthly temperature for the month coming in at 1 degree Fahrenheit below the 20th century average. 301 more words

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Freezing Temperatures Impact U.S. Deep South to Mid-Atlantic


Temperatures fall as much as 20 degrees below normal over Northern Plains

A powerful cold front has brought freezing temperatures to the central and eastern U.S. 51 more words

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Watch Live: Scientists Explore a Mysterious Deep Sea World

This month, you can fly along the Gulf of Mexico seafloor and explore a strange ecosystem fueled by chemicals instead of sunlight, all from your… 103 more words


Marine Debris: At the source

By: Asma Mahdi

Have you ever seen a helium balloon released into the sky or dropped a candy wrapper on the sidewalk? These items may have become marine debris. 70 more words

Marine Debris

USA NOAA March 2014 - 43rd Coldest - Colder Than 1898,1900,1901,1902,1903,1904,1905,1907 ...

According to the NOAA March 2014 was 43rd coldest out of 120 March’s.

That is the 2nd March in a row colder than the 1901-2000 average. 12 more words


Another Round of Extra Terrestrial Weather Hits U.S.


Severe thunderstorms forecast for parts of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia

Unseasonably cold across the central and eastern U.S. 87 more words

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