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FALLING SKIES: Wuv...Twoo wuv...

Episode 409: “Till Death Do Us Part”

We start with our core group of survivors discussing the green light that Tom and Hal saw at the end of last episode and the effect moonlight apparently had on Espheni technology.  1,233 more words



Episode 408: “A Thing With Feathers”

The survivors of last week’s massacre come out of the bunker to look for survivors amongst the large rubble field (it was pretty rubble-y before the explosions of the previous night, now it’s REALLY rubble-y). 1,333 more words


'Falling Skies' recap: Quick on the draw

Season 4 | Episode 10 | “Drawing Straws” | Aired Aug 23, 2014

We start off this week with Lexi who’s having an identity crisis, as you do when you’re the Adam… 1,920 more words

Before 'ER' and 'Falling Skies,' Noah Wyle Took a Leap of 'Blind Faith'

Before he saved lives as John Carter in “ER,” and saved the world as Tom Mason in “Falling Skies,” Noah Wyle was a struggling actor in L.A. 386 more words


Falling Skies season 4 episode 9: Till Death Do Us Part

Quick repcap of last weeks episode: The 2nd mass attempts to pick up the pieces after a devastating attack lead by none other than blaze face Espheni himself. 1,534 more words


'Falling Skies' recap: Time for a wedding!

Season 4 | Episode 9 | “Till Death Do Us Part” | Aired Aug 17, 2014

Cochise examines the moon through a scope. Tom explains that the “solar panels” on the underground beamer came on as soon as the moonlight hit them, “which I guess makes them lunar panels.” Much like the dirigible powered the ghetto’s electric fence, the Espheni are powering all tech off one power source beamed down from the moon. 1,905 more words