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word: ineluctable


Definition: (adjective) Not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable. Synonyms: inescapable, unavoidable Usage: Those war plans rested on a belief in the ineluctable superiority of the offense over the defense. Discuss.

The Mela Festival and Why I Love Oslo

Mela – Sanskrit; gathering, to meet.

So this last week I got to see more of Oslo than the first, and one of the uniquely Oslo experiences I had was attending the Mela Festival. 741 more words


What Makes Someone Real

I have found the solution to the world-wide problem of prejudice and discrimination!

It’s a bold statement, I know. And even stranger is that fact that I discovered it while working on my writing. 260 more words


Joseph Conrad's 1905 Essay "Autocracy and War": How the Russo-Japanese War Holds Lessons for Europe in 1914

I recently had the privilege of hearing Robert Hampson, an esteemed Conrad scholar and a thoroughly delightful man, give a paper on Joseph Conrad’s 1905 essay “Autocracy and War.” Conrad wrote the essay as the Russo-Japanese War was going on and the outcome was still unknown. 1,134 more words

Background Information

New York High School Makes Anti American, 'F*** Tha Police' Video

By Danette Clark

“Slingshot Hip-Hop: Culture and Resistance from Brooklyn to Palestine” is a semester long course created by the Palestine Education Project for Bushwick Community High School in Brooklyn, NY. 526 more words


Visit from a Nobel Peace Prize winner

When Tun Channareth was a soldier for the Vietnamese army, he stepped on a landmine near the border of Thailand and Cambodia. When he woke up, and realised he had lost both his legs, he couldn’t see a way forward for himself. 212 more words


The dichotomy of chemical engineering (Day 77)

Throughout 2014 there have been various emotional and poignant days recording key events in the twentieth century’s two world wars.

As chemical engineers, I’m sure some of us look at these historical events in contrasting ways, especially when we consider our professional ‘forefathers’ were the architects of weapons production on a mass scale. 536 more words

Geoff Maitland