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Inventors of blue LEDs win 2014 Nobel Prize for physics

The 2014 Nobel Prize for physics is being awarded to three scientists credited with inventing efficient blue LEDs, a development that allowed for the creation of the white LED light sources that are inching toward ubiquity across the globe. 200 more words

Nobel Prize

The 2014 Nobel prizes: Chemistry

IN 1674 Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch draper with a penchant for optics, discovered a new world. Peering through his pioneering home-made microscopes at a drop of pond water, he found it alive with tiny creatures swimming to and fro. 482 more words

Nobel Prize

Werner Forssmann, perhaps the maddest of all mad scientists!

There’s a funny thing about applying yourself to your craft. You must do it in order to be successful, but then people start thinking you’re a tad wacky. 659 more words

Daniel Kahneman: contributions to psychology

“Widely regarded as the world’s most influential living psychologist…”

  • He established  a cognitive basis for common human errors that arise from heuristics (simple rules or mental shortcuts which people often use to form judgments, involving focusing on one aspect of a complex problem and ignoring others) and biases (resulting errors of heuristics are called cognitive biases) (Kahneman & …
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The Ghost And The Machine

If your goal is to enjoy an extraordinary journey, you do not need to know at the start where you are going to end up. Just start. 741 more words


Towards understanding the brain: Explained by a Nobel Prize Winner

Written by Geoff Archer, Trainee at the Scientific Foresight Unit.

How does the human nervous system communicate? How does the brain work? For this year’s Annual Lecture, … 493 more words