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From Noble Hero to Murderer and Back Again

Something I’ve started to find odd in fantasy books is that most characters have no problem taking a human life.  I can understand monsters, but it’s rare that a fantasy hero will have any hesitation in killing.  515 more words

Extra-ordinary - Not just the same.

Every human being seeks to be more than just ordinary. Human beings desire more than mere survival. Internally there is an impulse in everyone to be extraordinary. 375 more words

Love and Respect

It’s often repeated, but I think this one is true.

Women need love; men need respect.

No one can deny that both men and women need love… 607 more words

An Afternoon in Bückeburg

Last week I spend a day in Bückeburg. To be honest, there is not much more to see there than the castle and the mausoleum. However they are worth it! 74 more words


If I was a warrior …

I’m finding myself increasingly adoring of plate armour. The amount of skill it takes to make something that both protects you from weapons while being flexible and mobile enough to move comfortably is something to be appreciated.

38 more words

WonderCon Day 1

I missed 99.9% of the programming. (-_-) I should have better luck tomorrow.

Having only attended two panels, the highlight of the day was the James Bonding podcast. 351 more words


She May Not Wear Pants...

(Video supplied by my classmate Danny Cepero, he has a blogpost on this video talking about different aspects of it)

“The Wife of Bath’s Tale” complicates the concept of sovereignty in marriage because her story expresses a feminist perspective before language even knew how to communicate the philosophy. 1,146 more words