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She May Not Wear Pants...

(Video supplied by my classmate Danny Cepero, he has a blogpost on this video talking about different aspects of it)

“The Wife of Bath’s Tale” complicates the concept of sovereignty in marriage because her story expresses a feminist perspective before language even knew how to communicate the philosophy. 1,010 more words


Marriage, Nobility, and Sovereignty

In “The Franklin’s Tale” and “The Wife of Bath’s Tale,” Chaucer uses his narrators and their social voices to scrutinize the contract of marriage. The characters of these tales exist within a specific estate, not all of them from the same class, and as part of a set gender role. 235 more words



Yesterday my husband and I went to see “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” We like a good action movie now and then, and both of us are fond of the Sci-fi/Fantasy genre. 452 more words

England Custom Design

This design was created for a family member. Her love of everything England was my inspiration. Tea, Castles, Kings and Queens. What’s not to like? 8 more words


Narrow really is the path

Days past there was more self respect, high dress code, but under the new days of “expressing yourself” most of today’s society look and act like garbage

Bridge Keeper

Fragile bridge ahead
Leave behind all troubled thoughts
Only dreams may cross

Leave your conflicts here
I will fight and conquer them
Bearing arms of love… 31 more words

Michael McGuire

Pokemon and the Will To Power

When you think about it, Pokemon was radical. This Japanese cartoon gave us the perfect portrait of the Nietzschean superman. Such characters make for good adventure stories, but in this case it is better, because we have not a warrior, but a boy on a quest. 611 more words