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Steampunk/Victorian Resources For Writers

Over the years that I’ve been writing steampunk and other tales set in the Victorian era – two genres that often share a natural crossover with each other – I’ve amassed a great number of resources that I turn to time and time again. 457 more words


Royal Styles of Address

When thinking about developing your persona one easy way to slip into character is to use language. For instance when I say “Hello” it is a much different feel than when I say “ 211 more words

Italian Studies

[burden of a black man] till's story

ed note: the title of today’s post seems…not congruent with the words written/presented. it’s more a message of hope than we’ve seen in earlier instalments. which we need to read. 274 more words

Black Men

Roman Church on Eve of Protestant Reformation

The state of the Roman Catholic Church on the eve of the Protestant Reformation was absolute shambles. The priests, bishops, and the pope kept the scriptures from the people. 220 more words


She blends the grounded power of the earth with the whispers of wisdom she found in the spirit winds

Align with the soul of the animal she has chosen to work together in harmony with… 152 more words

Magickal Arts


“Life is not a spectacle or a feast; it is a predicament” (Santayana). Yes, though it must be added that, for certain men anyway–and these not the least noble or perceptive–the spectacle and the feast are very prone to assume the character of, and consequently be experienced as, predicaments.


Languages, Names, Mythology

I love language. Languages, even, not just my own. The differences, similarities, translations, and meanings of words in my tongue, and in the languages of others.. 1,006 more words