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Nuclear War Pt. 4 - Outside the City

Hey, folks, and welcome back! Today, we’ll take a look at how characters interact with and function in societies not organized into city-based states work, focusing on the three rough forms they come in. 1,445 more words


I.XI.IV Unavoidable Fate of Passion

In their seclusion at the Dark Castle, far away from the prying eyes of noble society and left on their own by the children who were at boarding school, Lord Harald Vaughan and Thea de Servant had found an intimate connection between themselves. 623 more words

Castle Keep

I.XI.III Keeping Wellinformed

While Lady Arabella d’Angerville was failing in making a friend of Queen Eleanor I, somehow she had managed to get close to King Edmund I. The two had danced at several balls together and shared interesting political and social discussions. 383 more words

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Prince Beatdown

General Le Goree had defeated the dragon, and rescued Princess Gully Bell from the tower. Is it a time for happy ending? No, far from it actually. 28 more words


I.X.IV Return to Happiness

With all the children off to boarding school there was very little to do at the Dark Castle when it came to housekeeping. For Thea de Servant it meant she could dedicate herself to become the culinary librarian she had as a life-time wish. 453 more words

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I.X.III Aging Up

It was one of those periods in life, at the d’Angerville family, when life seemed to be passing by very quickly and there was little time to stop and reflect. 420 more words

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The Harris family

The family of Lucretia’s brother, Lukan, has been neglected!

Lukan and Rebecca had a second son, Yohanes.  The boys grew quickly and did well in their studies. 219 more words