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They call us nocturnal; up into the early hours, until the early hours become late hours, our cohabitants stir and we finally come to rest. Diurnal folk frown upon us, obliging us with their thin eyes to live by ‘normal’ time. 151 more words


nocturnal freedom (senryû)

 cloak and dagger ’til
nights release her soul

nights release her soul
metamorphous, words spill
muse joins her soul

muse joins her soul
dictates libretti… 16 more words


nocturnal (senryû)

vivid dreams of erotic pasts
nocturnal bliss

© Tournesol ’14

Posted by Oliana 2014/09/01

Carpe Diem Haiku Shuukan



Darkness, a velvety blanket
Silent and ominous
Punctuated by cicadas and crickets

Slumbering were the boisterous
Birds and monkeys
Curled up in dreams wondrous

Absent was the buzzing of bees… 467 more words


Sweet Beer Bushes

Drunken hummingbirds and

hipsters sip local nectar

under the sweet beer bushes

at the garage on Morgan Way.

One errant bumblebee above them

still flounces flower-to-flower, 11 more words

Karma's a you know what

Bugs.  What can I say?  They bug me.  (Actually I have a phobic fear of spiders and other bugs.)  That does not mean I wish them harm.   649 more words


Traveling Austria Is Always Rewarding

Here are some impressions from my last weeks spontaneously sojourn to Austria. Starting on Sunday evening, I stop by almost every time while traveling south at one of my favorite places/trees along the Autobahn. 361 more words