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Fauna Friday: How NOT to Step on a Scorpion in the Dark

Those of us who make our homes in New England won’t ever encounter a scorpion on our walks or hikes through our woods. These armored, many jointed creatures are also considered arachnids, along with other fan “favorites” such as spiders, mites, and ticks. 730 more words

Fauna Friday


One of my favs :) From the album “Horrorscope” (2000)


Well, she’s lying in our bed
Sweating staring at the ceiling
I know her worried head is aching… 282 more words


Are You Nocturnal?, A Classified Ad

Are you nocturnal?

Do you sleep mostly during the day, and spend all night awake?

Do you have a night job that just doesn’t stimulate you enough? 20 more words

Silence of the Night

When all trace of sound is absent
and the rush of life has halted,
to lots of us it is a sign
that it is almost sleeping time. 79 more words


Scat in Your Garden

January in the garden can be quite boring. Annuals are gone, and perennials and trees are dormant waiting for warmer weather. Still, I need to go outside and survey the once life-filled areas, even when they are brown, just to check on things. 790 more words


Trapped in My Nocturnal Heart

The thoughts that we suppress end up in our dreams.  The people we try to forget will haunt us in our nocturnal state.  The subconscious cannot be fully eliminated, only muddled in our minds.  120 more words