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Night Killer

In the moonlight, high in the Lemon Gum,
perched under the arching ghostly branches,
two eyes of jet peer from a snow-white mask.
Tyto Alba, the Barn Owl, with heart shaped… 153 more words



last night

when we danced
between the solar prominences

some remote stars
collapsed into supernovas

and some hungry black holes

also, one wandering comet… 24 more words



Dear Elizabeth,

Our first night together was a blast! Last night, not so much. You seemed to have quickly gained a massive appetite, or just love that nipple a lot. 293 more words

Daughter of the Night

photographer unknown: my apologies

Daughter of the Night

I took a walk in the body of the night. The full moon blew black clouds—brooding organs—beneath the cranial bowl of sky. 143 more words


unnatural habits

it’s 4:36 A.M. on a Monday.

i’m a 20 year old female in my third year of college.

I have my first class at 1 PM. 187 more words

First Post


We have finally arrived at the smallest primates in the world. The members of the cheriogalidae family include mouse and dwarf lemurs. Now, all lemurs are found on the island of Madagascar, which is off the eastern coast of Africa. 147 more words


.: Brussels Day 1 :.

In order to enjoy the city centre a bit more, we’ve decided to stay at the Marriott City Centre, which is literally 2m away from the market area… 335 more words