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Are you Nocturnal?

That seems to be the question in my household lately! While everyone else is sound asleep, if you’ve read my earlier posts, I’m up most of the night working on things I should be working on during the day. 464 more words

Bipolar Disorder

December 16th - Sleeping spider

I spied this spider in one of our small hedge trees. It’s one of our garden orb weavers, with the shutters drawn and having a snooze during the daylight hours. 69 more words

Greatsong Tangent - Serena-Maneesh

I. Searching for the Sexy Siren Sound of the Night

It’s hard to overpraise the incredible invention that English musical outfits like Portishead, Tricky and Massive Attack managed to create in their mid-to-late 1990s heyday. 1,234 more words



No, it’s not a confession that I’m dating (maybe with oppa) but just a random thought.

i dislike these late night thoughts

So I let the drama mama in me get the better of me, hence this ramble. 313 more words

Giant Leopard Moths

In June 2013 I encountered these lovely creatures resting on my deck. (Or maybe I interrupted a personal moment?) The Giant Leopard Moth ranges from Canada to Mexico in the eastern US.   74 more words


Agile Insomniac

Who would’ve thought getting to sleep could be such a laborious task? Unfortunately for me, I’m more animate during the late hours of the night. In fact, the nocturnal side of me decides it wants to fight the fatigue — too bad if I feel lethargic the next morning from lack of sleep. 911 more words

Nocturnal (Blind Contouring #3)

Late night thinking about nothing//and everything; my thoughts are incomprehensible and my mind won’t quit. Nighttime seems to be my element. I’ve discovered that most people like me-those that can’t sleep easily- seem to be wildly creative at night, and have tons of little epiphanies about random situations or ideas. 145 more words