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In fading daylight
Diurnals scamper to dens
Nocturnals arise


Raccoons: The Garden Thief

There are few animal pests that cause me to curse out loud.  Mice?  Nope.  Rabbits?  Nope.  Deer?  I may think about it, but nope.  It’s… 753 more words

All Creatures


Afraid of the dark, I am (spooked myself multiple times last night on a moonless dog walk). Perhaps I’ll cure my phobia (in style) in Québec’s Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook, where a temporary nighttime installation finds fairies and flares illuminating a woodlands walk. 61 more words


fortune cookie factory

“Excellent day for dusting. Start with a few old dreams.”

~fortune cookie found in the pocket of a flannel shirt that was about to go in the wash. 552 more words

Day One Hundred and Thirteen: Burrow

Garden shelter, deep dugout, mystery residence. Anyone home? Should we ring or knock if an ansr is reqird I wonder?  Voles, moles, mice or shrews, only night time or the cat’s jaws will tell. 77 more words


A letter - Broken!

Softly …
Dear night tread by.
For the last dew drop -
Tasted of salt.
The taste of broken verses.
The taste of shattered visions. 55 more words

The Centuries Of Seconds

The Centuries Of Seconds

Open yourself to the dark

Speak to the shadows

How soothing the night air

In softened splendour floats

The sobbing winds… 122 more words