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Chopin, Nocturnes,Sheet Music Part 2 - The Power of Memory

In which we pursue our dream of mastering the piano without the aid of the Brownies and without a piano

Family legend has it that one of my great uncles – inevitably on my father’s side, for it was my paternal grandmother who boasted the mad inventor father and 13 siblings – was so talented a pianist that despite him being entirely self-taught (there’s a fiercely independant streak that runs through our family) he was accomplished enough to be asked to play for the entertainment of a certain Sultan back in the days of colonial Britain. 589 more words


At the bottom

“In a book at the bottom of a box in the basement of the archives.”

Even more lovely: that exquisite early paperback edition of Edmund White’s delicious… 6 more words


The Barn Owl reads Literature: Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro

The Barn Owl’s review:

This is a book with lots of words in it.

If you have enjoyed other works such as the Concise Oxford English Dictionary… 379 more words

Staying Inside