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Nodame & Chiaki: Sonata for Two Pianos

As I revisit episodes of Nodame Cantabile, I always find something interesting and new about the relationship between Nodame and Chiaki. I love that a huge part of their relationship is about the piano. 1,476 more words


First Impression: Cantabile Tomorrow (Naeil's Cantabile)

I told kooriyuki I am so… going to review Cantabile, cos I am more than qualified when it comes to the Cantabile franchise. I’ve read the mangas, followed the animes, pursued the J-doramas, watched the movie versions…and more than twice for each category. 1,409 more words


Naeil's Cantabile / Tomorrow's Cantabile - Episode 1 & 2 Thoughts

So Korea decided to make a remake of the critically acclaimed Nodame Cantabile. Episodes 1 and 2 just aired recently and I thought I share some thoughts about the Korean adaptation. 1,315 more words


Cantabile Tomorrow

Why?! My precious Nodame ㅠㅠ they have ruined you. I am so sorry to admit I was so excited about this drama. I am sorry for betraying you. 595 more words


[Carnival: The Impact They Had on Us] Marina's Influential Anime

I didn’t begin watching anime until my undergrad years, something I briefly touched on in the About page of this blog. But in participation with… 1,711 more words


Tomorrow Cantabile: Nodame Cantabile versi korea

Ok, saya memang suka nonton banget, semua film saya nonton kecuali horor hehe. Saya suka nonton drama series terutama k-drama dan dorama, namun sekarang lagi vakum karena belum tertarik dengan drama-drama yang ada sekarang jadi saya nonton anime yang memang udah kusukai terlebih dahulu.Namun, sekarang saya lagi tertarik dengan drama korea yang akan tayang Oktober nanti yang berjudul [Tomorrow Cantabile  , pertama kali lihat judulnya pasti kepikiran Nodame . 301 more words


'Tomorrow Cantabile' is all set to premiere next week

I know many viewers who are highly anticipating the new KBS music themed drama Tomorrow Cantabile, which is based on a very popular and beloved manga… 268 more words