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Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung in Korean remake of 'Nodame Cantabile'

Although this project has been floating in the buzz world from many months (February to be specific), I only now decided to write on Korean remake of… 398 more words


Who's Confirmed To Play A Role in “Cantabile Romance"?

KBS is going to air the Korean version of the famous Japanese drama “Nodame Cantabile”.

Previously, SNSD Yoona was chosen as the lead female but she turned down the offer to focus on her new movie. 78 more words

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Mavi Rapsodi ~ Mukyaaaa


İlk yazı için hangi animeyi seçeceğim belliydi, hatta bu anime üzerine yazarak düşünmek istediğim için blog harekatına başladım desem daha doğru. Nodame Cantabile. “Cantabile” terimi, ‘şarkı gibi’ demektir ve tempo ile ölçü açısından esnek bir çalışa olanak sağlar. 1,612 more words


[NEWS] 14.07.16 Joo Won reveals how he is preparing for his role as a musical prodigy in 'Nodame Cantabile'

Although actor Joo Won is known to also be a very talented vocalist, his singing won’t be enough to play the musical prodigy, Chiaki Shinichi, in the Korean remake of ‘Nodame Cantabile‘. 158 more words

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Some Cool Anime That You May Have Never Heard Of (Part 1)

So I thought it’d be cool to list some anime that doesn’t really get much mention, but is pretty damn good. Because the previous executives at the anime club never wanted to show anime that was too mainstream, we ended up watching a lot of series that I had never heard of before, and maybe you haven’t either. 838 more words


Shim Eun Kyung Casted as The Lead of "Nodame Cantabile"?

Recently, SNSD Yoona declined the offer to be the lead role in korean version of “Nodame Cantabile”. However, today, the name Shim Eun Kyung popped out as the new lead for the drama. 92 more words

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Yoona SNSD Batal Perankan Noda Megumi di ‘Nodame Cantabile’ Versi Korea

Yoona sebelumnya diincar untuk memainkan peran sebagai Noda Megumi, tokoh utama “Nodame Cantabile” yang akan diadaptasi menjadi drama Korea.  Namun pada akhirnya,  personil Girls’ Generation ini menolak kesempatan tersebut.

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