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Building a web service with Node.js in Visual Studio Part 8: connecting to MongoDb


In the previous post we gave some structure to our Node.js project by way of a service and a repository. We also discussed the role of callbacks in asynchronous code execution, i.e. 1,396 more words


The case for Node.js

REST web service development with the Apache/Java/Spring/Maven/Hibernate stack is quite complex as each layer brings its own configuration requirements. The resulting size of the monolithic web app archive also tends to be massive, most of it as a result of chains of jar dependencies. 915 more words

GGDEVCON: Sense for Glass

Glass presents an unique opportunity to examine the environment around the wearer in real time. Environmental Sensors are rapidly evolving in size power, and portability to the point where they are essentially wearable and always on. 69 more words


How to get started with NodeJS

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Building a web service with Node.js in Visual Studio Part 7: service, repository and "next"


In the previous post we looked at how to create controllers and routes in our Node.js project. We saw the controllers are normal JS classes that don’t need to follow any naming convention. 1,163 more words


Internal hackathon this weekend at Axiom Zen. The theme is office hacks and we’re building:

  1. a ping-pong score and stats tracker (inspired by Si digital…
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Adding or Deleting a Node

One of the jobs of a DBA is adding and removing nodes from a RAC environment when capacity demands, although you should add a node of a similar spec it is possible to add a node of a higher or lower spec. 1,263 more words