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How to get started with NodeJS

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Building a web service with Node.js in Visual Studio Part 7: service, repository and "next"


In the previous post we looked at how to create controllers and routes in our Node.js project. We saw the controllers are normal JS classes that don’t need to follow any naming convention. 1,163 more words


Internal hackathon this weekend at Axiom Zen. The theme is office hacks and we’re building:

  1. a ping-pong score and stats tracker (inspired by Si digital…
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Axiom Zen

Adding or Deleting a Node

One of the jobs of a DBA is adding and removing nodes from a RAC environment when capacity demands, although you should add a node of a similar spec it is possible to add a node of a higher or lower spec. 1,263 more words


Building a web service with Node.js in Visual Studio Part 6: module.exports and controller basics


In the previous post in this series we looked at the Node Package Manager and the basics in Express.js. We added a couple of endpoints to our web app and sent back some responses: HTML and JSON. 1,310 more words


restcat - mongoose and express restful api

Restcat is a restful api depended on mongoose and express, which is developed by me, and I am still maintaining it. If you have ever used tastypie of django before, you would find that restcat is kind of similar with tastypie, because I am inspired by it. 19 more words


First Major Version of isbndbjs released

Published the first major version of isbndbjs(a Node.js SDK for isbndb.com) today. Version 1.0.2 is ready to use.

Exposed the Author API for usage. 14 more words