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Stubbing included functions with Sinon while unit testing in Node

I’ve recently been on a unit testing bender with Leaf; I was able to get to 100% code coverage. I understand that while I might have 100% coverage, I might also have shitty tests, but I feel the inverse is also true: if I have 0% coverage, I most definitely have shitty tests. 273 more words


Server setup

I am using ubuntu 12.04 so these command works for me to run server:

Install Node Version Manager to manage different versions of node:

curl https://raw.github.com/creationix/nvm/v0.4.0/install.sh | sh
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Robin 2 - Flash / NodeJS Multiuser Server Launch!

Robin has shed its winter feathers and is now based on a NodeJS backend.  Not only that but the Robin.as open source class for Flash AS3 has been preened.  216 more words


TV Series Renamer Written in Node

I found myself in the situation the other day where I had a season of a TV show that needed renaming sequentially to clean up the file names.   1,100 more words


Securing configuration files with Node for Travis and Heroku

I’ve recently been building an issue tracker using Node called Leaf. It’s a fun project that lets me dive into Node and learn its pros and cons. 762 more words


DotJS Ltd - One Year Old

One year ago today I formed my company DotJS Ltd offering Node.js consultancy services to London and beyond.

It’s been a bloody great year and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has helped me on my way.

Thank you!



Enabling https in a node js app on windows

Whilst developing my knockout dependency tracking application I realised I had to support access to it over https instead of http. This is because the website we’re currently developing and all of the web services it talks to are secured via federated identity. 242 more words

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