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Developer Catchup: Synchronous Node, Serviced Polyfills, Sparks Sparked, Tangrams Mapped and SHAaaaaaa!

Node.js synchronously: Node.js is sweet if you can adapt to the asynchronous model of start thing, say what you want to do when its done, do everything else anyway. 378 more words


Game Connect Four with Minimax algorithm

Olá pessoal,

Criei um game Connect Four utilizando Minimax em C#.

Segue o código fonte:



Meet Zetta, an internet of things platform from the API wizards at Apigee

“What is the diameter of the internet of things and how do we make it smaller?”

That’s the question that Brian Mulloy, a VP of Apigee (pictured above), focused on for the last few years as he tried to figure out what he needed to do to build a product that would help Apigee’s clients and others develop for the internet of things. 479 more words

Setting up a HTTPS dev workflow on OSX

We have been doing a lot of work on building an OAuth2 Server. The OAuth2 RFC mandates the use of TLS under its sections 3.1. 553 more words

NodeJS Custom Start Script on OpenShift

The nodejs cartridge provides Node.JS on OpenShift. The default entry point for the nodejs cartridge is /server.js, which can be changed with the following… 62 more words

NODE.JS Installation and First Project

Firstly Node.js powerful javascript version for servers. Node.js is used Google’s V8 javascript engine. If you want learn more information for node.js, you can use… 170 more words


Your next Node.js free host.

We all love stuff for free, and I find myself forever going for the cheapest for free option. When it comes to small projects and testing, I don’t want to go all out and pay for something I may only find myself using for a few weeks. 197 more words