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Controlling the Sphero with the Myo armband in Node.js

IĀ received my Myo armband a few months ago and I have been working on a few projects to control my other devices with it. To start with, I thought I would explain how I managed to control the… 540 more words


TEZURE - Cost effective IOT apps using Javascript, Tessel & Azure


Cost effective IOT device using Javascript, Tessel & Azure

  • With the recent advancements to embedded hardware technologies, micro-controller product lines like Tessel, Espruino, RasberryPI etc where able to build compilers to breakdown Programs written in most popular programming languages in to Javascript, Python to Assembly code.
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Code Behind

Complexity Analysis for Node.js Apps

In previous posts, I introduced style checking (linting) using jshint, integration testing using mocha and should, code test coverage using coverage, and vulnerability identification using retire. 705 more words


Vulnerability Detection for Node.js Apps Using Retire

Eliminating from your application all code–include node modules–with known vulnerabilities is an essential part of secure coding. Retire is a node.js package that looks for reported vulnerabilities in your node modules and/or javascript code. 136 more words


Raspberry Pi: Running NodeJS and MongoDB on Pi

Recently I got a Raspberry Pi B+ and I couldn’t wait to start playing with it. My first project was a server application, which runs on NodeJS and uses MongoDB for storing data.Ā  381 more words


Style Checking (linting) Node.js Apps

Style checking (aka linting) is a vital part of any application development process. Sloppy coding practices increase the chances of coding errors and other problems later on, and style checking can help flag many coding problems to keep your code clean. 802 more words