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Shakeology Nog Recipe

Eggnog is delicious, but also loaded with fat. Try this healthier version that will still have you feeling festive.

Total Time: 5 min.
Prep Time: 41 more words


Als jullie er nog waren

Als jullie er nog waren
Hoe zou het nu dan zijn
Zouden jullie mij herinneren
van hoe ik was zo klein
Keuzes maken dat was lastig… 215 more words


The Seeds of Bajor: Chapter 8

And now, the continuation…

Kira, Odo, Dax, and Worf stepped out into the crisp air of the planet.

As Kira reached to touch her communicator, it beeped. 280 more words

Quote of the Day

O’Brien: All right. But don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Nog: Chief, I can’t operate under those kinds of restrictions.

Miles O’Brien: At least promise me you won’t do anything to get us court-martialed.

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Vegan Nog Tasting with Amanda from The Envi Girls

Hello everyone! Last weekend, my good friend Amanda (from The Envi Girls) and I did a couple collaboration videos. One for her YouTube channel and one for mine. 85 more words

The Need for Nog - Eggnog Fudge

With December comes all of the amazing holidays treats and sweets. One of the most seasonal of those is eggnog. Nothing brings on the jolly like a wee nip of the nog. 704 more words


Quote of the Day

Nog: What’s wrong?

Miles O’Brien: He didn’t touch home, Nog!

Nog: Is that true?

Nog: Wha- what do I do?

Worf: Find him and kill him!

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