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"NoirArtica": Grim, but always beautiful in its dark way...

“NoirArtica”…the real thing: Grim but beautiful and very real lovers and very real people seen in the harsh point of view of Italian painter Sampieri Giacomo (b. 1954).

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Danielle's Dolls

“My Life – The Darkness” (Version1) by Danielle M.S. (AKA Danielle Fatale Noir at DeviantArt) from Austria. A dark ‘n gorgeous image, to be sure, but what’s doubly intriguing is that this isn’t a model, as far as I can tell, but a doll, as much of Danielle Fatale Noir’s work is done with elaborately styled, warded and staged dolls, an art form I’m aware of but woefully ignorant about. Time to learn more…

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Michaelis Sebastien's "Song Noir"

Russian digital artist Mr. Michaelis Sebastien’s darkly lovely “Song Noir”.  Look for more of the artist’s work at DeviantArt.

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Joseph Crone: Magic With Colored Pencil On Acetate

Joseph Crone: A few posts back I showed some teasers from the new Fall 2014 Noir City e-zine from the Film Noir Foundation (still reading mine as I write this). 121 more words

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Bo & Rikke Christensen's Noir-Artica

Some Bo and Rikke Christensen’s dark, lovely and erotic-noir imagery shown here. Look for more of this duo’s (a husband and wife team?) fashion and art photography at their page at 500px.com and at Pinterest. 17 more words

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Piper Perabo goes noir-ishly femme fatale…and nicely too.

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