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In August, the Banned Bookclub I attend had previously selected “San Diego Noir” for its San Diego themed book of the year. It has 15 short stories of noir fiction. 303 more words

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The Big Wait

I watch the kid, Dwight Peacock. He hands over the capsules to some lowlife in a jean jacket. Like every single night at this time for the past two weeks, the money changes hands. 5,819 more words

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Freshly Baked Books: House Reckoning by Mike Lawson

Mike Lawson’s latest Joe DeMarco thriller opens with a Mafia guy saying to his boss, “We got a problem.”

And indeed they do. The problem is Gino DeMarco, Joe’s father, who is a hit man for the mob. 492 more words

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Crying for a Nickel

“If Weegee had set aside his camera in favour of a beat-up old Underwood, this is pretty much what the result would have been like – raw and up close, but off-centre just the same, the threat of violence exploding from the shadows.”

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On the Bookshelf: Invisible Streets by Toby Ball

Invisible Streets

by Toby Ball

I have been a fan of Toby Ball’s City since I picked up the first novel The Vaults on a whim at the library just because I liked the look of the cover. 341 more words


Review: Lauren Beukes - "The Shining Girls"

On Monday, I was sitting outside of Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg when I closed the back cover of The Shining Girls and exhaled with the kind of satisfaction and relief only experienced when a derailed train comes to a grinding halt and all the saucer-eyed passengers realise they’re alright. 328 more words


Cole reblogged this on words~pictures~music and commented:

I read and reviewed Lauren Beukes' "The Shining Girls" on my book review blog, but it's stuck with me all week, so I'm reblogging here. READ THIS BOOK - it's awesome. I'm starting "Broken Monsters" soon and will have an update about that one too. Watch this space!

Flowers for Lobelia: Chapter Three – Scene 4

 Deep down Louisiana close to New Orleans,
Way back up in the woods among the evergreens…
There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood,

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