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T-8 NANOWRIMO Elevator Pitch

I narrowed down an elevator pitch for the yet to be written work of dubious art. Here goes -

Jack Monterey was a great detective until his partner, in every sense of the word, was kidnapped during a routine investigation and presumed dead. 353 more words

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Ministry of Fear (1944)

After the first couple of paragraphs, this post is pretty much nothing but spoilers. Ye’ve been warned.

During the 30s and early 40s, Austrian-exile Fritz Lang wanted to make not just anti-fascist pictures, but anti- 1,756 more words


T-9 - still plotting NANOWRIMO

Going through all these episodes of old pulp shows is very enlightening as far as dialogue, situations, plot-points, etc. I’m taking copious amounts of notes. It has also taken away any pressure that I might have felt about writing in the genre. 158 more words

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