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Deadly music isn't just a Sirens thing: Intro to the Ludite Faith

With the planned publication of Balloons of the Apocalypse, the sequel to Marlowe and the Spacewoman, coming up Very Soon Now™, the time is ripe for an exposé on a group that features prominently in the book. 932 more words

Marlowe And The Spacewoman

Free Until Friday – "The Night Also Rises" Kindle Ebook

Science fiction with a film noir twist.

Night lasts for days on planet Jannix, and in a city full of murderers, thugs, gangsters and con artists, no man can ever be sure he’ll see another dawn. 115 more words


Touch of Evil

Watching Touch of Evil is a difficult experience to describe. It is terribly dated and because we are so inundated with ‘murder mystery’, ‘bad cop/good cop’, ‘outsider/insider’, ‘alcoholic jaded cop’ ‘modern/old school’ TV shows and films I felt like I already knew most of what was going to happen. 608 more words


In A Generous Mood

For today’s Daily Challenge: ‘Your mission is to write a new piece that includes at least five nouns from one of the following sources…’ 150 more words


711 Ocean Drive

Techie talent gets O’Brien mixed up with the mob in this “Dam” good noir