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Thank You All For Feeding Us

Thank you Michael and Kathy Atherton for opening up your home, feeding us a great meal, and showing us to a wonderful walk last Saturday. We also want to thank Christine Quilling, Alice Elrod, Sue and Dennis DeLong, On The Fly, Tanya Tope Sherwood, and all the other true Angels of Mercy in the Tobacco Valley who have kept us fead!

Photo by Abe Quilling Art —

Needle: A Magazine of Noir

Chris Irvin‘s “Union Man” isn’t just one of the best stories he’s written, it’s one of the best stories you’ll read. He nails this one like a 300 psi pneumatic gun! 60 more words

We Miss Hermina

We miss Hermina Harold……. She left us to become an organic farmer and we all believe it was a good choice but we are still sad not to see her pretty face and shining eyes every day! 69 more words

Hooray for Exhibit A!

Yeah, this is a little late, but there was a flurry of activity on social media last week and I didn’t get around to posting it on here. 379 more words

So, your looking for a great book, something on the level and not...rag-tag. Russell Blake has one or two that should fill the bill. Especially at .99 cents.

BLACK (Hard-boiled noir detective mystery)

Artemus Black. Perennially down-on-his-luck Hollywood PI whose Bogie fixation is as dated as his wardrobe. With an assistant who mocks him relentlessly, an obese cat that loathes him, a romantic life that’s deader than Elvis, money problems, booze, nicotine, and anger management issues, how much worse can it get? 681 more words


White Hot Pistol by Eric Beetner

This story takes place in a fictional place called noirville. When I read this book I saw a place very much like the Harlan portrayed in the re-imagining of Leonard’s work. 182 more words


Win a White Rabbit

I am very pleased to announce that my book White Rabbit is out NOW from Fox Spirit Books. Just take a gander at that wonderful cover by… 422 more words