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Six Mile Cypress Slough: Development & Unintended Consequences

I recently returned to Fort Myers, Florida. I went to the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve yesterday to take a walk. I sought refuge. I sought tranquility. 329 more words


Combine Fracking with Aviation Expansion in the South East & What Do You Get?

Here’s something written about fracking in the media recently in response to leaked documents showing George Osbourne is doing secret deals with fracking companies to overturn local council decisions such as the one due in Lancashire shortly: 249 more words

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Week 3 Response: Noise Pollution Art

In Information Arts, Stephen Wilson summarizes that science and art must be linked in ecological art: “Artists, often in collaboration with scientist, undertake research to understand the nature of the problems and to search for new solutions. 438 more words



Students in general have little money, spend much of their time in public spaces and are less demanding in terms of comfort. They must, however, be housed, preferably as cheap as possible and in places where they cause the least possible inconvenience to the indigenous population. 314 more words


New York City: The City that Cannot Sleep

Overnight construction threatens health of W. 42nd Street Residents.

Sirens, honking, drilling, and yelling. As New York City residents, we accept these disturbances as part of the daily ambience of a vibrant and bustling metropolis. 613 more words

Use of Loudspeakers is a violent act

Do we really need loudspeakers on religious places.These loudspeakers create so much noise pollution.Every one is engaged with their daily life,these loudspeakers discomforts ill people,students etc. 182 more words


Gold Fever Kills Biodiversity Hotspots

The rates of deforestation in South America due to gold extraction have risen significantly since 2007, according to an article published  this week by Environmental Research Web. 211 more words