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Train to Land Park?

So the California State Parks Department owns the land and tracks that run from Old Sac into Land Park, South Land park and beyond. For years the land and rails have sat unused, and have been frequented by area residents as a walking path. 221 more words


The Sound of Silence


It is just me?  Am I the only one to notice this: things are getting way too loud lately! I know I am right; my hearing is getting worse. 337 more words


A Pressing Matter

The guy working behind the counter wraps up my sandwich. Pictures of bright, ripe vegetables hang on the walls. My stomach growls. The lady in front of me in line moves over to the soft drink machine. 201 more words

Low Vision

MH370: Water plays tricks on plane searchers

Listen for a ping, and the water may play tricks on you

By Ben Brumfield, CNN
April 11, 2014 — Updated 1136 GMT (1936 HKT) | Filed under: Innovations… 1,173 more words

No Postcode Envy...

Over the course of the past several months, I’ve noticed that I’ve had many conversations with fellow Vallehellians (and former Vallehellians) about something I’ve come to call PVSD. 1,195 more words

Vallejo City Council

Passengers escape Madison Ave. trolley fire - Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

These old trolleys should have never come online. One can hardly board them if they are elderly and/or disabled, or if they have bags of groceries in their hands. 280 more words

Stewart Wingate: Noise Disturbs 800,000

In relation to the Government’s ongoing use of the 57 leq noise contour, its worth noting that even Stewart Wingate, Gatwick CEO, doesn’t actually believe the 57leq contour shows the number of people truly effected by the noise of his planes according to comments made by M A Knowles from… 497 more words

Aircraft Noise