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Measuring loudness on Deepavali nights

The Indian festival of Deepavali gets its name from the Sanksrit for “display of lights”, “Deepaanaam aavali“. These days, the festival is anything but about lights, especially in urban centers where the bursting of loud firecrackers has replaced the gentler display of lamps. 722 more words

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Happy Sparkling and Clean Diwali to fellow Indians who celebrate it!!!

Diwali is a festival of lights – of recalling virtues and being religious…of having a great time with family and friends…of having and sharing sweets…of exchanging gifts…so far, so good! 163 more words

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Horn free

There is no denying the fact that Lagos is noisy, it is a city where so many commercial activities take place, so this is expected. If it is not the shouts of market women, it is the deep husky voice that characterise the area boys, there is the blaring horns from motorists and okada riders, we have people walking and discussing as they go along, Lagos is not a quiet state. 380 more words

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It’s ‘No Horn Day‘ in Lagos, can I hear some Toot! Toot! Beep! Beep!

Everyone now knows that the state government of Lagos is not joking contrary to opinion in some quarters that the campaign may be a hoax, or an expensive joke. 665 more words

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What noise is causing you more headaches?

We want to know what noise you find the most annoying, the most unbearable and the most headache inducing. Is it those loud motorbikes that give you a shock every time you’re trying to walk down the street? 42 more words

The Noise Diet

Going Out the "In" Door

I had an experience the other night that left me feeling trapped and panicky, and almost beside myself. It reminded me of another similar experience I had about four years ago. 774 more words


Curbing the Expectation of Driving at High Speeds

By Dom Nozzi

Many of us who seek to make our world more conducive to happy people rather than happy cars are adamant about the importance of slowing car speeds in communities. 856 more words

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