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you broke me from inside

you broke me from inside but i gave you the key


Easter Weekend Weather

It’s been a wonderfully cool Easter weekend. After days of warm sunshine, April remembered not to steal summer’s thunder entirely, though there may be rumbles tomorrow afternoon, and doused the temperatures for Good Friday and yesterday. 335 more words


Mike Watt and the Missingmen and our next show!!

Thanks everyone who came to see Mike Watt last night and enjoyed our supporting slot. We were like pigs in mud all night! Manflu were mental and brilliant in equal measure and Mike Watt and the Missingmen had me in tears…definitely check out ‘Hyphenated-Man’ if you haven’t already over at Mike’s… 76 more words

Sunday's Toy of the Week: The Invisible Fly

© J Myrtle and Lessons With Oscar 2014

So this week’s toy of the week is rather unusual in that I’m still not quite sure what exactly it is that Oscar is pawing at when he vigorously swipes away at some mysterious entity around him. 336 more words

서울있는 보통 골목에서 걷는다.

Here is an example of the alley that is the space between that I was talking about in an earlier post. There are some interesting moments in the video, with two delivery bikes noisily speeding by, students in the convenience store and the sounds gradually getting quieter and then building to a crescendo as we reach the end.



A remix I did a while back for my friend Paul Henty (aka Lynskey). Aside from being an incredibly gifted musician, Paul is also one of the best Producers I’ve had the pleasure of working with – and one who has lent his talents to a wide variety of acts over the years, including several that I’ve either played in and/or released via Valentine Plc. 163 more words