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There are moments when our precious/adorable children drive us crazy.  The noise level is ratcheting up and we want to run out the door or scream or both! 295 more words


Regler - Noisecore / Free Jazz (Turgid Animal) 2014

Happy New Year and all that shit. It’s been pretty hectic at DBS as I’ve moved into Daddy Daycare mode for the summer holidays. My chances to listen to music have been somewhat compromised as a result hence the lack of posts. 327 more words


Day 24

Drowning Out the Noise

This week has  been especially hard for me. Ive dealt with so many distractions left and right, finding time to focus has been difficult. 36 more words

30 Day Challenge

Typical Nighttime Ritual

Bedtime: 9:30 p.m.  No drinky or smoky for me tonight, thank you very much.

Just get comfy; dear husband starts to snore.  I get up and move to the other room.  170 more words


Format Comparison for Dummies

Digital Cameras have different image sensor sizes and this is often a source of confusion. I hope to be very clear on the subject in this article. 1,436 more words

Digital Camera Technology And Science


All of the


and the


and the


“Break out

of your shell”

thrown out,

all over the

world’s spotlight

but it would never… 124 more words


Snaps and Silence

“But who would want all those terrible noises?” asked Milo, holding his ears.

“Everybody does,” said the surprised doctor; “they’re very popular today. Why, I’m kept so busy I can hardly fill the orders for noise pills, racket lotion, clamor salve, and hubbub tonic. 309 more words