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The train

Swooshing of doors
Babbling brooks of murmuring voices
Steady clomping of feet in and out up and down
A multitude in isolation, each pretending they are alone… 28 more words


Basking in Other's Glory

I’m not sure what my unique talent is. I’m not being negative about my own strengths and talents, I’m aware that I have some, I’m just not sure that I have any that could really be described as unique. 282 more words


Wicked Wake Up Call: Grunting and Other Issues

Jim has us call his buddy Ted and have some fun with him over his grunting & other issues while he bowls during their bowling league nights. 66 more words


New music is hard to find without actively searching

New music is pretty hard to find these days. Listening to the radio just brings up the same music on repeat, and that same music gets put through advertisements. 57 more words


Things that Go Bump in the Night

One of the coolest-sounding disorders is fortunately not nearly as serious as its name suggests. Exploding Head Syndrome is a condition that causes people to hear extremely loud noises — a gunshot, an explosion, a thunderclap — as they’re drifting off to sleep, or as they wake up from a deep sleep. 45 more words

Human Body

Oh Yes I Do

People have said to me “you never complain!”   I smile in response and am quick to point out that they don’t live with me.  I suggest they talk to Mr. 542 more words