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The Mystery Behind the Ancient 'Death Whistle'

‘Death Whistles’ appear as skulls – models created by Roberto Velázquez Cabrera

Last week, I discovered a fascinating video clip through Facebook featuring the ‘death whistle’ that creates some very unsettling or disturbing sounds that immediately convinced me to down the volume on my computer.  976 more words

Black Calavera

Monday Making Record

If you are feeling a little sluggish on a Monday morning and the idea of going to work makes you want to crawl under the covers, it is time to put on a record. 50 more words

Creative Life

What The Wind Sounds Like

Panic at the petting zoo?
Santa wants some more!


Word of the Day - Style special - "noise"

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German word of the Day. A quick word off topic first. Last week we had a poll about the WordPress snow. 3,685 more words

Word Of The Day

The train

Swooshing of doors
Babbling brooks of murmuring voices
Steady clomping of feet in and out up and down
A multitude in isolation, each pretending they are alone… 28 more words


Basking in Other's Glory

I’m not sure what my unique talent is. I’m not being negative about my own strengths and talents, I’m aware that I have some, I’m just not sure that I have any that could really be described as unique. 282 more words