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How to Build a Better DJ and 5SOS Noises - Morgan & Maddy Minute

Kelli Berglund and China Anne McClain build a better DJ and the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer make some weird noises in the studio. For more, subscribe at… 23 more words


But…who will I
be able to make a cat
noise at when I want?

Can you choo choo too? by David Wojtowycz (2001)

There is nothing I like better than saying to an audience something ridiculous like, “Can you nee-nar too?” and having the entire group, unquestioningly join in with loud nee-nars. 103 more words

Picture Books

20,000 Days on Earth

For the second time in a year we’ve been the cinema! One of our local cinemas shows foreign language films with subtitles – for it’s eternal shame Germany is in love with dubbing… Fortunately this cinema is quite lovely. 381 more words


Noises, Annoying Noises

If you’re like me the smallest noise can bother you & throw you into an angry panicked state.

Someone tapping a pen on the desk, chewing gum with their mouth open, playing music on their phones out loud, dragging their feet, snoring, neighbours playing music all hours of the day, hammering, a lawn mower & insects or animals making noise. 544 more words

Complex PTSD

Things on the roof

I knew living in the woods would mean seeing/ hearing a lot of animals; but I never thought I would hear them on the roof. At first I thought my imagination was running wild because D and I were home alone at night while B was at work. 150 more words

Day To Day

Things That Go Bump

Banging shutters, slamming door,
Creaking ceiling, squeaky floor…
Daylight: Just another chore.
Night time: That’s what lights are for.