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Voices and Noises

Have you ever heard a sound…

And not be able to identify where it is coming from? I remember a cricket being loose in the house. 538 more words


Fennec fox making funny sounds

check out this video of scout the Fennec fox:

Fennec Fox


clocks tick around my eyes

one tick, I’m here

the next I’m gone 

screaming echoes in the hollow halls

sirens shrieking ahead

and I’m just sitting here

dying in my own head 


There are monsters under the bed!

Do you know whats scary? When you hear drunk people walking past your house, and it sounds like they are right up by the window, about to pose naked in front of your bedroom. 108 more words


that scratching sound!

Last night (and the night before and the night before that) I heard scratching sounds… and I thought what in God’s name that is???

Lately, I heard funny sounds in the middle of the night; especially since Eric (the neighbour) left his ex-partner’s lair couple of months ago. 960 more words

Enjoying the silence ...

I love the chatter and clatter that fills my days. They are noises that are familiar and predictable. They are my life sounds.

But there is one noise, or rather lack there of, that is my favorite. 59 more words

Life's Little Lessons