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Some videos

One addition i’ve been thinking about for my exhibition is sound or video, preferably just sound. Two videos I have taken during the process could be useful for this. 177 more words


There’s screaming in the darkness outside my window
Unintelligible because of the noise within
TV blaring, technology deafening,
A child singing, there’s nothing here but din… 61 more words



I’m stressed …. I really need SELF CONTROL. This must be some kind of SpiresVortex’s psychedelic breakfast.

SELF CONTROL with final explosion! (When I explode I could burn all the web, phones, tablets and TVs) 16 more words


An open letter to the noises coming from the ceiling

Dear noises coming from the ceiling,

I am trying to work and am finding your noises to be both distracting and unsettling. You had better be possums or something slightly cute or I shall be very displeased. 39 more words


Revolution 9

The video is simply music, a piece composed by John Lennon that describes a revolution through sound, I think this is very interesting for several reasons. 255 more words

Night Noises

Trying to sleep but the night noises are intense. I lay in bed and feel the residues of damaged tissue left within my breast. I can’t close my eyes. 41 more words

Something you probably didn't know about me

I hate the sound of popping balloons.

I think most people don’t like it when balloons are popped by surprise. After all, it kind of sounds like a gunshot. 210 more words