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Shout Therapy

When’s the last time you shouted?

Not at someone. That’s unkind, and would likely only misconstrue the point you were trying to communicate in the first place (unless that point was how loudly you’re able to shout; then shouting is the only logical and appropriate method of achieving this). 551 more words


Five Sentence Fiction: Abandon

Source: http://lilliemcferrin.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/abandoned-house-1680×1050-wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_65.jpg

“It looks as though that house has been abandoned since quite a long while.”

Their group had been trekking through the jungle when they came across a dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere. 84 more words

Five Sentence Fiction

My odd obsession...

I’ve always had a slightly weird obsession to certain noises. It could be anything at all, i just can’t stop listening to it. One of the first i remember was the headmasters shoes when he walked on the parquet flooring in the school hall. 212 more words


When upon a time when the wall becomes love, time morphs into pieces of the sky. I have heard a morning tell me once that the night offers the first word to the story that is to be told by the sun. 110 more words


Gym Noises

I’ve remember what the funny post* was that I was planning to write the other day.

As I was in the gym a couple in their fifties came in to the weights area as well. 172 more words


Flash Fiction: Sleep Tight (215 words)

Ryane rolled onto her side. She pressed her back to the thin wooden wall behind her, and tucked her blanket tight to her chin. The windows here didn’t quite close, but the night breeze only cooled her nose and cheeks, well-trained this far south in the islands so that it knew not to bite. 166 more words


Noises upstairs

The noises upstairs,
Catch me unawares,
And they really are quite persistent,

I’m always on edge,
As I lie in my bed,
It’s a good job I don’t sleep with scissors.