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Something you probably didn't know about me

I hate the sound of popping balloons.

I think most people don’t like it when balloons are popped by surprise. After all, it kind of sounds like a gunshot. 210 more words

The sound my dog makes when he… you know, licks his…
has got to be the most annoying sound ever, in the history of the world.

26 more words

Quiet Noises

I think the quiet noises, the ones you barely hear

Are creepier than the loud ones, that you are so certain of

Because the uncertainness is the worst part… 11 more words

I'm Perfectly Sane

MaryJane is a Attention Whore

Seriously. This animal loves to get petted (only when she wants, of course). Many people ask me if rabbits make noises and I always say, “Yes, they grunt and “hmmph” and make a blood curdling scream when they think they’re dying, but they also make this noise. 65 more words

A Look At The Rabbit Herself

NaPoWriMo 2014: Day 7 - Mouth Sounds

I cough and it is eloquence itself
layers of thought translated into precise language
exquisitely and purely expressed
all understand the meaning
and weep and laugh at its beautiful simplicity. 285 more words


Don't ask

“Sometimes noises just come out of me.”


Mysterious Deep Sea Noises

                                                               The deep blue seas have always been one thing that has long captivated the minds of many a person with an active imagination. I know that there has been many a time that my mind has wandered to parts unknown beneath the sea pondering as to what may yet be hidden beneath it’s great depth, not yet discovered by humanity. 63 more words