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Sazerac - The Official Drink of New Orleans and of Liencuisine!!!

The Sazerac is one of my favorite cocktails, but not readily available at local Salem establishments. Portland, on the other hand can fix you us. The local scarcity might be due to the ingredients (that mysterious Absinthe ingredient not available in the US until 2007); the lack of education of the bartender in the making of it; or more likely the lack of knowledge of the wonders of the concoction by the drinking public. 690 more words

a blogger's dozen: holly's baked quesadillas with gluten free sweet potato tortillas (noisette)

Hola, friends and feliz Friday! It’s time for another post in my A Blogger’s Dozen series!! Today’s guest blogger is Holly from Noisette. This is the part where I would normally write about how lovely and sweet Holly is, and talk up her inventive and delicioso food blog. 1,104 more words


When it drizzles

We were at St Pancras in plenty of time to prepare for the journey ahead.  In the ‘departure lounge’ a man was sketching Eurostar employees.  Once the head and shoulders drawing of a young woman was complete he began walking round with his paints and colours.  305 more words


Energy bites

Ces petites boules sont un concentré d’énergie, idéale avant une séance de sport ou à emporter le matin quand on n’a pas eu le temps de prendre un petit-déjeuner. 206 more words


Dessert: Bastille Day Puddings (Soufflés chocolat noisette)

Joyeux 14 Juillet!

For the uninitiated, Bastille day is the celebration of the storming of the infamous Bastille prison in Paris at the start of the French revolution in 1789. 493 more words



This lesson was the second last lesson I had for my cuisine course. My partner, Kaylin, and I were given one whole lamb and we were asked to break it down by ourselves. 258 more words


Le Layering au Naturel

Ma salle de bain s’est transformée en cuisine… Oui cela va vous paraître étrange mais j’utilise des huiles première pression à froid biologiques pour prendre soin de ma peau du visage. 495 more words

Soins Du Visage Au Naturel