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Noisey: Insanely Close and Personal With the Brian Jonestown Massacre

I met Katy Newcombe when we were both fifteen. We grew up in the same tiny, dead-end town in South Wales and broke into outdoor swimming pools for fun, both trying our hardest to look the most like Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen. 244 more words

Music Journalism

Why I love calling people Basic Bitches, even though it's mean.

I’m having difficulty working out my feelings for the term “Basic Bitch”. On the one hand I’m so glad it exists because it describes 70% of the girls I went to school with. 1,218 more words

Deniro Farrar: The Calling - Cult Rap - Part 2/4

Up & coming rapper & Urban Stylz favourite Deniro Farrar drops the second part of his 4 part documentary with Noisey where we get to hear more about the Cult Rap movement. 15 more words


I'ma do what I do, so do you.. Response to "Why Kid Cudi Doesn't Get To Write The Rules Of Hip-Hop"

Alright, so maybe you’ve already read¬†this¬†Noisey article written about Kid Cudi last month, but I just came across it this evening. I was about to share it on Facebook with the caption “this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read”, but then I just kept typing.. 841 more words

Danny Brown: Growing Up - Noisey Raps - Episode 7

Danny talks maturing, learning to speak up, Hannah Montana being viewed as a role model, and more. Lmao this nigga said a tic-tac-toe board tho.