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Can you choo choo too? by David Wojtowycz (2001)

There is nothing I like better than saying to an audience something ridiculous like, “Can you nee-nar too?” and having the entire group, unquestioningly join in with loud nee-nars. 103 more words

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My strategy for coping with being highly sensitive (in a busy world)

I like to call myself a walking bundle of contradictions and one of these (many) contradictions is that whilst I am quite an extrovert I am highly sensitive. 709 more words

The Mind

Water that is noisy cannot reflect anything.

“As the surface of the lake
Reflects the mountains
In the stillness of the morning

So you may see me
On the surface of your soul, 51 more words

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Duck Duck Goose

I found this gem at the local thrift store for $3- it even came with the 3AAA batteries needed for the Momma Goose! For preschool game connoisseurs, this is a slightly quieter cousin of Lucky Ducks which I do not have a copy of yet. 517 more words


Scared Right Now!

There’s a huge freaking owl outside my window and it keeps shrieking and making really loud noises! For God’s sake I’m just trying to sleep but it feels like any minute I’m going to fall into a horror movie!!!

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And the cars go... by William Bee (2013)

I would like to take a moment before we start today’s review, by sharing a round of group “brmmmm….ing”. Say it with me everybody, “brmmm”. I think we need to add a little extra throatiness, “brmmmmm”. 189 more words

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A bad morning/ book review

So with being woken up at 8am by mean builders who decide using a drill at that time in the morning outside my room is acceptable, I have had a not so peaceful start to the day. 149 more words