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Noma: Dining at the World’s Best Restaurant

El Bulli, The Fat Duck and now, Noma. These 3 restaurants have one thing in common ; all have been crowned the “World’s Best Restaurant”, with Noma sitting atop this year. 1,522 more words


Post Mega-Pause Status Update

Let’s get this ball rolling again, shall we? It’s been over a year since my last post. I could be overly apologetic about it, but then again, life happens, and there’s no need to apologize for choosing to be an adult and take care of business when I needed to. 162 more words


Review: Salad Days by Ronnie Scott

Cleopatra: My salad days,
When I was green in judgment: cold in blood
Anthony and Cleopatra, William Shakespeare

I have always found that when undertaking trying domestic chores, such as scraping the terminally wilted spinach leaves from the bottom of the refrigerator vegetable bin that it helps to imagine oneself as a HEROINE from the world of GREAT LITERATURE. 514 more words


Toit teeb tänavatel revolutsiooni

Maailm pöörleb suvises tempos – meie elulaad muutub muretumaks ja miks ka mitte, suves lihtsalt on seda mõnusat minnalaskmist, sest egas töö pole jänes, mis eest ära jookseb. 596 more words


Ben Ing: The Ottawa boy in the world's best kitchen

By Jennifer Paterson

The 20-course tasting menu at Noma is full of culinary surprises, but the most unexpected part of my four-hour meal in April was the presentation of a dish of seaweed ice cream and aronia berries by a young chef with a Canadian accent. 892 more words


The Future of NoMa

At the end of June, DC’s first ever Hyatt Place hotel opened on New York Ave in NoMa – two blocks from the NoMa metro, and within clear view of the capitol. 106 more words

Real Estate

Copenhagen: What to See and What to Skip

On paper, Copenhagen sounds too good to be true. For years now the Danish capital has been heralded for its design-consciousness, trumpeted as the globe’s most sustainable and bike-friendly city, venerated as a culinary destination that houses the best restaurant in the world, and held up as home to the world’s happiest people. 833 more words