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Read This/Avoid This - Volume 4

A new set of comics to either read or avoid altogether!  Each time I highlight a group of comics that are somewhat/somehow related.  Even if the connection is very, very thin – I make it work!   928 more words

Silver Surfer

Road Tripping America | Part Five


Feeling tiny.

Our first look at El Cap.

Sacred ground. A day before we arrived Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgenson set a record for being the first people to ever free climb the Dawn Wall. 52 more words


Last Day of Jan Thrashing

After the disappointment yesterday, I gave myself a punishment / forfeit. Ignore the “30” after EMOM; I just had to put a number there. This was about as many rounds of 8 Burpee Box Jump Overs as I could do with decreasing rest. 237 more words

Ted talk- How to make hard choices by Ruth Chang

An amazing, life changing, eye opening Ted talk that I want to share with you. Let Ruth Chang, the first Chinese philosopher who is also a woman that I encounter, change your perspective on hard life choices. 227 more words


The Nomad

I’m not the kinda person, who will ask you where you are from? Because my story is rather complicated & because I want to know the real you. 381 more words

Modern Nomad

There are three phases that a man who travels for business needs to keep in mind and those are traveling, meeting and partying. Each event requires its own wardrobe.