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A Dog's Ta(i)le

I got Sadey on November 11, 2012 in Roosevelt, Utah.  She is half brittany spaniel, half german shorthair pointer.

I was pretty naive in getting a dog. 2,152 more words

Kent With A Tent

When I left London in June, I decided to explore Kent with a tent. As mentioned in my previous post, I sometimes live a nomadic existence. 1,859 more words


Istanbul Blues - Automatic Style

Typed whilst dodging and weaving down a very busy main street of Istanbul,
Packed with people, blocked with cars. 1pm in August.
Automatism, only punctuation and grammar edited: 425 more words

Vandwelling Prepping

It’s all the new rave mom! Ok, so maybe not so much but living out of a van is what I have decided I want to do for many reasons. 461 more words




  • Flame
  • Freeze
  • EMP

Is it worth getting? You decide. Comment below and let us know your decision.

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An unexpected journey

Hi, my name is Alex and I am from the north of England. I turned 18 several months ago. I am waiting for an email from my a farmer in France telling me the picking season has commenced, at which point I get there as soon as possible, probably a last minute flight to somewhere in France after which I hitchhike to the farm. 157 more words


The Beginning Phases of a Morning Routine

Routines never have been a strong suit in my life. I think this dates back to a chaotic yet love filled early childhood. Every since I can remember I’ve thrived on change, as soon as things start to become a bit to familiar I’ve always taken it upon myself to change it up a bit, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. 567 more words