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The "phombie" apocalypse is nigh

I remember the time when the only people who owned cell phones were businessmen and Zack Morris, but today, people have become so attached to their mobile devices that it makes me feel all hope for humanity is lost. 105 more words

Cell Phones

"I recently cracked my phone and even though it was broken, I still had to have it in my right hand to fiddle with."

Simon Alcott (20) from Leicestershire suffers from Nomophobia, the fear of not having your phone with you.

This phobia affects two thirds of the UK with 84% of people not being able to go a single day without looking at their mobile phones. 501 more words


(No)disponible 24/7

Este artículo lo escribo para compartir la experiencia que ha sido estar sin un “smartphone” en estos tiempos en los cuales, el imperativo es usar un teléfono inteligente. 602 more words

How to dominate the smartphone before it dominates me

Apparently it’s a modern psychological condition, Nomophobia:  The fear of being without your smartphone.

I have the opposite.

I’m no Luddite, no hater of all things technological or modern, but I have an overwhelming fear of owning a smart phone. 919 more words

Thoughts From My Quiet Time

Nomophobia! Do You Have It?

Nomophobia. You probably haven’t heard of it, but chances are if you don’t have it  you at least have a few symptoms. The term stems from “no mobile phobia” and describes the intense anxiety and irrational fear some people feel when they are away from their cellphones. 460 more words

Technology Addiction

NOMOPHOBIA and The Teens!

We all have a secret relationship with our cell phone…These days the teens , talk less and chat more . Even when their person of interest  sitting with them …they are either chatting with some random 3rd person or updating and tagging people of Facebook.. 358 more words