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no-mo(bile) phone-phobia 

1. The fear of being out of cell phone signal range.

2. The anxiety relating to the sudden loss of cellular connection.

Look for medication coming soon to your nearest drug store.

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: got nomophobia? :

Don’t laugh. You probably do. Nomophobia, you see, is shorthand for ‘no-mobile-phone phobia’ — which is a fancy way of saying separation anxiety.

Yeah, not so funny now, is it? 392 more words


For the Love of Blogging

This article is an invitation to think deeply about what you have given up in order to blog. A list of the top ten 10 activities I gave up over the last decade for the love of blogging is below. 555 more words

Blogging Tips

Addicted to Addiction

I am sure I don’t stand alone in this, but what I do wonder is if I stand alone in being this worse. I am addicted. 644 more words


say #WWYD in the comments! :)

if u feel brave enuf :) feel free to say WWYD in the comments, it’ll be nice to hear other opinions on the dilemmas and whatnot :) don’t worry, i don’t bite :) 1,983 more words


Are Behavioral Addictions Fueled by Smartphones?

A lot of us are pretty attached to our smartphones, but for some, it’s a real problem.

A survey due out next month says most of us become highly agitated within an hour when our phone is taken away. 183 more words


Web 2.0, Nomophobia: speaking out what my beliefs are

How could I be defined?
“Casual blogger”? Yes, I guess that’s the definition. I have several profiles around the net. Here on WordPress. Deviantart. A more professional image on LinkedIn. 378 more words

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