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You're not the customer. You're the product.

So I woke up with “Feelin’ Good on a Monday” stuck in my head, which was really just my reinterpretation of Randy Marsh’s Lorde’s “ 1,395 more words


Images of America: Three Tips for Researching and Writing Historical Captions

You’ve seen pictures of the brain lighting up when ideas enter and make connections to random ideas. Pathways get brighter as the brain connects similar knowledge and experiences until eventually superhighways light up the scan.   687 more words


Images of America: Woodlake; Gathering and Organizing Images

 My 600th post! 

Arcadia Publishing has specific requirements for the photos in your Images book.  You receive a written guideline and an editor that answers questions promptly.   630 more words


Images of America: Woodlake; Steps to Finding the Vision That Drove the Book

Just like good sex, writing, even bad writing, starts in the brain.    Before the first word ever appeared on my computer screen, questions etched their way into my consciousness.   608 more words

Tulare County

A Johnnie's Books - An Excerpt

There are two ways to get to the garage at the Morelia House. The obvious is to just lift up the wide sheet metal door and expose the whole garage to the world. 731 more words


Images of America: Woodlake, Step One

There I was, minding my own WordPress and Blogger blogs, trying to Twitter, connecting to LinkedIn, finding friends on Facebook, and deleting hundreds of emails that I signed up to get.   609 more words


I'm Going to be Interviewed for a Podcast

UPDATE Dec. 8th, 2014: Just finished the interview. It ran about 10-15 minutes, and we had a good conversation. It didn’t run as a live feed, so it should be available via iTunes and the LJN website by the end of January (after sound editing). 107 more words

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