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Read any good #memoirs recently? Try author D.G. Kaye

And now for something completely different…

Today I bring you a first – for me, that is.

An enthralling memoir, and the author’s latest release. 1,023 more words


An Excerpt

I found this in one of my journals while I was looking for an article to share with the other Ian Hayes who reads my blog (plays bass, and basically has the same birthday I do.) It was written before I moved to Portland, as part of a project I still haven’t finished. 172 more words


What's a chalkie?

If a carpenter is a ‘chippy’ and an electrician is a ‘sparky’, what’s a ‘chalkie’? It’s a slang term for a teacher, and comes of course from the days when chalk and blackboards were the only teaching aids in a school classroom. 324 more words


How to Launch a Literary Festival

November brought a double dose of firsts: the first National Non-Fiction Month and the first St Albans Literary Festival. I was excited to combine the two, by running non-fiction writing workshops for 100 St Albans children. 861 more words


 Come to the Providence Athenaeum THIS Sunday November 23rd, 11am-12pm for a writing workshop! We will talk craft, look at the ways water and writing intersect, respond to a few prompts, and then share the products. 12 more words

Writing Courses

I Write Histories

How does that sound for a marketing line?  I am 99% finished with my first published book, Images of America:  Woodlake.

I hate to SOUND so proud, but I AM proud.   451 more words


The First, The Second and The Third Person in Writing

When I do technical writing I often have mistakes in my early drafts of mixing first, second and third person as if I am bi-polar. Though I easily catch on and fix my pronouns before I get carried away. 220 more words

Writing Tips