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How does the song go?  Back to life, back to reality?  This week it feels like something is missing from Milton Keynes.  (Don’t even go there.   2,471 more words


Democrats push making labor organizing a 'civil right'

Reps. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and John Lewis, D-Ga., plan to introduce legislation Wednesday to amend the National Labor Relations Act to make labor organizing a civil right. 22 more words


This Is What You Are Really Telling Us by Naomi Ragen

*I received this via e-mail this morning. I could not have said it better myself! I have had ENOUGH of the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish sentiment throughout Hollywood, throughout social media, and in pretty much every direction in which I turn. 746 more words


Michigan School Teachers: August Opt Out Reminder

August is the only month in which the MEA says you can opt out of membership. Don’t miss your window.

via August Opt Out.


Arc of Truth

By Jay Duret

I am a liar.

I write fiction, that’s the job description.

I am fine with the undeniable fact that I will go to my grave as a liar, but I have noticed that some of my colleagues squirm under the label. 1,427 more words


Reflections on acknowledgement and gratitude

I feel I should mention that this is less an argumentative essay – this is why you need to do what I’m doing – and more a reflection on why I feel the way I feel. 2,770 more words


Here are My 2 Cents on the Ventura Ruling...

Here is another peanut gallery post for the subjugated masses…Why do I say that? Because it is short and it is simple.  The Ventura verdict is a joke that isn’t even funny.   136 more words