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Right-to-work law would protect Wisconsin workers

Michael Romanchock recently got let go. But he was not “downsized.” His employer had no issues with his performance. Romanchock got fired for not paying dues to the Teamsters. 19 more words


Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II’s Most Audacious General by Bill O’Reilly

When I saw “Patton” at the theater in 1970, I never suspected anything malicious about the General’s fate. I thought it was ironic that he had survived the front-line battlefields of two world wars unscathed, only to meet his fate in a freak accident. 206 more words


How It Was When My Mother Died

Nearly 25 years ago I interviewed a number of women whose mothers had died. In the course of the interviews over a year’s time, the women confided the most intimate of stories to me––those around the death of a family member––and I have always felt an obligation to the women, to their mothers, and to their stories, to make them available to others, ideally in print, for the sake of healing that might come out of shared experience. 1,072 more words


‘Merry Christmas’ Sign Removed After Complaint In Marshfield, MA

Maybe it started when the Marshfield School Committee changed the name of the Christmas Break to the Holiday Break. Now, there seems to be a backlash in town. 11 more words


Reviews of Orthodox books: Larchet and Tikhon

Seeing the number of novels and mysteries I read and review every week, some of you may have forgotten that I’m also an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and as such I try to nourish my faith daily by reading, slowly, and meditating with some Orthodox books. 383 more words


Hard to Beat

If you would like
to take
your clothes off
and lay
on this bed,
Further now.
That’s fine
I will have to ask… 128 more words


War over Obama’s Amnesty Moves to the Courts

The U.S. Justice Department and the Obama administration have lost their first battle in the war over the president’s plan to provide “deferred action,” or amnesty, to almost 5 million illegal aliens. 13 more words