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Good morning, Brie. It’s Thursday.


She glanced disheartenedly at a screen, wondering what words she would be able to transfer from her mind to its stark white glare. 1,032 more words

Random Shit

How Obama made a federal agency Big Labor's 'litigation arm'

What is the purpose of the National Labor Relations Board? Is the federal agency meant to be neutral arbiter of labor laws? Or is meant to be an advocate for Big Labor, helping to ensure it organizes the U.S. 24 more words


Why school choice is important

Choice always has that effect; it drives innovation and competition to produce higher quality goods and services. We see it every day in every industry. Education is no different, but unfortunately, it is treated differently. 16 more words


Matinee - The Wonder Dog

Mom was sitting in her wheelchair in front of her TV when Mattie decided to head right over to her. Mom laughed and slowly took her hand and put it on Mattie’s head. 681 more words


6 Funerals Obama Cared Less About Than Michael Brown

President Obama’s delegation to Michael Brown’s funeral sends an important message. That message isn’t lost on the families of the soldiers and cops, teachers and firefighters, citizens who aren’t killed under disputed circumstances, don’t become the subject of riots, and who therefore don’t receive presidential aides at their funerals. 9 more words



Hi! My name is Colleen and my major is currently undeclared. I am thinking about majoring in neuroscience or cognitive science. I like learning about the brain but I’m not sure how I want to make a career out of that. 66 more words