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Jon Hammster: Beyond the Pun

Casey Moriarty’s longstanding fictional(?) story, the Jon Hammster saga, of a megalomaniacal hamster turned terrorist is far more telling about the current state of our country (the U.S.) than a reader – at first glance – would likely understand, let alone allow. 675 more words


6 Points on Stopping The ISIS Terror Threat From a Navy SEAL

On Sunday IJ Review writer Justen Charters interviewed former Navy SEAL, FBI Special Agent and Federal Air Marshal Jonathan Gilliam. The following 6 points that Gilliam made about the growing ISIS threat were taken from that interview: 15 more words


September 2014 Reading Wrap-Up

I read the following titles (with links to blog posts about said book where there is one):

Indian Horse – Richard Wagamasee (F)

I See You Made an Effort – Annabelle Gurwitch (no blog post) (NF) 147 more words

Sister: Iran Killed Nuclear Scientist for Refusing To Develop Nuke 12 Times Stronger than Hiroshima

Until now, a common understanding of the details surrounding Iranian Dr. Ardeshir Hosseinpour’s death was that he was reportedly assassinated in 2007, and presumably at the hands of Israel, which had hoped to slow-down Iran’s nuclear program through clandestine operations. 15 more words


Review: Struck by Genius by Jason Padgett & Maureen Seaberg

This book made me fall in love with math all over again. A dramatic story told by a traumatic brain injury (TBI) patient, Struck by Genius… 557 more words


White House: No plans to block flights from ebola countries

There’s lots of training going on, education of medical professionals and crack teams ready to swoop in and isolate any further instances in the US. But as many reporters have noted, might it not make sense to start locking down – or at least putting some serious checks in place – on flights coming to America from nations where outbreaks of the infection are taking place? 13 more words