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Britain is 'Sleepwalking into Losing Religious Freedoms,' says Christian Leader

A Christian leader has warned that Britain is “sleepwalking into losing religious freedoms,” thanks to a prevailing liberal culture that promotes a hierarchy of rights which demotes religion below all other considerations. 11 more words


Berkhamsted School Staff Book Club, latest meeting notes...

At our last meeting, we discussed three novels, all very different in style and content.  First on our list was the challenge of a male member of the club: ‘Women don’t read John le Carré’, so we read le Carré’s novel… 539 more words


Andrew Klavan: How the Media See the Midterms

In this special episode, our yes-he’s-happily-married-ladies host examines how the wise sages of main stream media covered, or didn’t cover, the recent mid-term elections. See the video and transcript below. 11 more words


Dumbest Anti-Gun Statements Made By Politicians of ALL TIME!

Liberal anti-gun politicians provide a steady stream of ignorant statements about guns and gun rights, but who are the worst offenders of all? Watch this video to find out! 13 more words


Did you eat too much yesterday?

My idea of a great Black Friday involves sitting on the sofa. I loathe crowds and shopping on a good day, so today would be torture. 134 more words


Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty - Channel 5

Channel 5 don’t always do the best job of making programmes on serious subjects, and I was prepared for either a load of drivel about… 372 more words


New York Times makes the case for fully repealing Obamacare

Given that Obama will be wielding a veto pen next year, the focus has shifted to whether Republicans could roll back pieces of the law — maybe even with bipartisan support. 13 more words