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Planned Parenthood, 15-year-olds, and Sadomasochism

Live Action has produced another excellent undercover video that documents a Planned Parenthood counselor “educating” a 15-year-old girl about abhorrent sexual behaviors – including those that can prove to be lethal. 29 more words


for the shores of life, against principles of death

Yishai Schwartz, in a recent New Republic article, gives us a case study of “moral accounting” conducted in the voice of the father. Scwartz justifies Israel’s assault by proposing that “ceasefires have been offered” and the massacre comes after “days of restraint, warnings, and pleas”. 718 more words


The Relations of Saint Teresa of Avila - Free Catholic Audiobook

The Relations (in Spanish Relaciones) is an extention of St Teresa’s Autobiography. In The Relations she tells of her inner and outer experiences in the form of letters. 49 more words



I am very much fascinated by science. I want to know everything about it but I don’t want to be overwhelmed by big words or getting bored by it when explained in a very dull way. 214 more words


All the jerks in Joanna Rakoff's My Salinger Year

Joanna Rakoff knows a lot of jerks. Or at least she did in 1996, the year she spent working as an assistant to J.D. Salinger’s literary agent in New York. 740 more words

Want to learn an easy way to write a novel? Whether you are a novice or already published several books here is a way to stream line your process and make your stories really, "Pop!"


How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method

Randy Ingermanson (Author)

A Magical Key to Unlock Your Creative Wizard

Are you writing a novel, but having trouble getting your first draft written? 351 more words


A Fight for Israel's Existence

In my estimation, Israel now fights not just to clear out the tunnels and rid Gaza of its rockets but for its very existence. This war that Israel will of course win has seen its once hapless enemy, Hamas, launch hundreds of rockets a day, some of them landing in the Tel Aviv area, a few going as far as Haifa. 39 more words