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10 Questions for The WHO About Ebola

By Activist Post
Global Research
October 17, 2014
Activist Post
16 October 2014

The World Health Organization is claiming that we are facing the most severe health crisis ever with the alleged Ebola outbreak in West Africa. 503 more words


NGOs : a society addiction.

NGOs and corruption: a toxic combination.

One large concern I had to face in Tanzanian was the question of the Non Governmental Organizations’ role in a country that is struggling to develop. 454 more words

New York journals !!

The college I am currently in we went to New York for a week. We went there to study the United Nation and the Non-Govermental Organization to help our current  Millennium Developmental Goals and to see our future goals for the Sustainable Developmental Goals. 3,265 more words

Act# 10 "How to Rebrand Village Pow Pow?"

Mayor Moi Moi
Prof. Pepe

MAYOR MOI MOI: Prof. Pepe our village has very bad image outside the village.  Let’s do something to create good image of Pow Pow. 515 more words

Climage Change

Act#9 ”Business Grow-down Program”

(In the Office)

GREED: Sorry for keeping you wait, you have a program to show us?

MR SUFFER: Oh yes, let me show you. In these photos, you can see the oil expeller machine I bought from India. 559 more words

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An end and a beginning...

I have now reached the end of my time at StreetInvest, and honestly, I was very sad not to be returning there this morning. The staff and volunteers there were so welcoming to me, and I have learnt so much, about StreetInvest and their work, about the complexities of supporting street children and about what it’s like to work in an NGO. 300 more words

Otter fishing in Bangladesh

Because of population pressure, “many poor people who didn’t depend on fish now do”, said Benoy Kumar Barman, a senior scientist at the NGO World Fish in the capital Dhaka. 12 more words