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Every time I fall asleep I dream I’m climbing.  Stairs, hills, mountains.  I start to slip and lose my balance, but catch myself and keep going. 178 more words


What The Video Does Not Show--By Brian

This is Brian Phillips, Kristina’s husband.
I am by no means as beautiful a writer as Kristina is, so please bear with me….

I cannot explain in words how proud I am of Kristina and Holden!! 791 more words


Mt. St. Helens Climb

Here is a little iMovie I made.  I think it captures the whole experience pretty well….I really hope you like it, and that whatever your “mountain” is—go climb it.   24 more words


Kiss My Ash

I have so much so say about the climb—but today will be spent in bed recovering…and maybe tomorrow too, and the next day.

I’m also working on one of my little iMovies to try and capture the experience. 235 more words


The Part Where You Get Stronger

Last night Brian and I did our last big hike before the mountain.  The next 4 days will be rest, recovery, nutrition and stretching.  It was so silly because we didn’t leave until early evening and ended getting home about 9:30.   389 more words


Ain't Gonna Be No Rematch

Brian and I went and did the 5 mile round trip hike today from the hiker’s bivouac up to the boulder field at the base of the mountain.   267 more words



It’s so strange, the process of sneaking around a dragon.

I had people I’d never met before in my house yesterday.  My son let them in… 643 more words