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Excitement Follows (with excerpt)

I feel terribly excited this morning.  The past few days I’ve gone through the manuscript, line by line, sentence by sentence.  This process is so wearisome I was starting to get discouraged, but I do think I’ll meet my goal of having the second revisions/edits done by Halloween.   447 more words


Mahalo, Kaua'i

My bag is packed and my heart is full.  We are flying out tomorrow, missing the hurricane that will sweep up the island on Sunday. This week I was able to let go of all the stress, anxiety, fear and worries that bubbled just below the surface in my cancer-ridden body for the past year; it all washed away in warm surfs.   192 more words



I think it was just a week ago when I received the text from Brian:  Do you want to go to Hawaii?  Someone he knows was unable to take their trip to Kaua’i because she had to have emergency surgery.   326 more words


Be Color-Blind With Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means well-meaning people everywhere will turn everything pink. Practically anything you can think of will be awash in hues ranging from petal pink to bright fuchsia. 376 more words

The C-word

It Is Finished

The dogs are curled up at my feet.

The book is drafted in four stages, representing stage IV cancer.  There is an introduction, and an epilogue. 82 more words


The Skeleton

Sitting outside early this morning, drinking my coffee, a bat flew over my head.  It’s October.  I have to tell myself, say out loud, what day of the week it is, what month.   382 more words


Scott McKenzie Update: 2 Steps Back

It’s been a running theme for several years on our morning show that I tend to have a female sensibility. I often bring up topics I’ve read about in women’s magazines, I hang with the wives at parties. 546 more words