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Chemo cycle 2, day 4; Becky, brother and brother.

Easter weekend is clearly a weekend of families having time to come and visit (that is if they aren’t going to Lego-land). So Becky came to visit for a bit this morning. 485 more words


My Friend's Story - Leukemia: Remembering Her at Passover

 There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real…. 432 more words

Leave Me Alone, Vivian.

I had a nervous breakdown yesterday.  I think it’s over now but I’m not sure.  Whatever was left of my fractured mind crumbled into a million pieces.  1,815 more words


Chemo day 28: Egg, bacon and filth.

So we are here, today is the last day of cycle 1, tomorrow we start cycle 2 chemo day 1. Everything will start to get normal and feel like its already deja fait (that’s lardeedar way of saying already done – I’d have said deja vu but it isnt about what we see but what we have done – French lesson for some of you). 1,224 more words



The family has been asking me so many thought provoking questions.  Questions that I can’t answer right away but spend time pondering.  Brian asked me if I felt more alive since the diagnosis, since going through all this.  462 more words



Wednesday morning she woke from a fitful sleep with a clear mind and realized that once she had taken her stack of impossibilities and replaced them with language, avalanches of language, she could allow herself to dream. 550 more words


Scratching At Dirt

I have woven a cocoon, my own safe place where I can spend the remaining weeks of treatment until I am ready to emerge into life again. 513 more words