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TABLE OF CONTENTS: Nonprofit World 4th Qtr 2014

Just arrived into the Southern Nevada Nonprofit Information Center at the Clark County Library.

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Non-profit Management

It’s Not Just How Much You Give, It’s Also How by PAUL SULLIVAN


Writing a check to a favorite cause works fine, but there are other methods of giving that may be more convenient and effective. 12 more words

Jonathan Offt

Black Hole Friday

In this artist’s illustration, turbulent winds of gas swirl around a black hole. Some of the gas is spiraling inward toward the black hole, but another part is blown away. 157 more words

Jonathan Offt

British Hedge Fund Titan Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife $531 Miillion in Divorce Case by TIM HILCHEY


The divorce award between Chris Hohn and Jamie Cooper-Hohn underscores the immense wealth Mr. Hohn has accumulated at the helm of the Children’s Investment Fund. 13 more words

Jonathan Offt

Hedge Fund Couple Agree Britain's Most Expensive Divorce by REUTERS


Billionaire hedge fund manager Chris Hohn has been ordered to pay his estranged wife Jamie Cooper-Hohn 337 million pounds ($530 million) in the largest divorce settlement in British legal history. 12 more words

Jonathan Offt

Hedge Fund Starts Property Vehicle With a Social Purpose by JENNY ANDERSON


The Cheyne Social Property Impact Fund plans to buy property that it will then rent to organizations that deliver services like affordable housing, aid for the elderly or care through the National Health Insurance. 13 more words

Jonathan Offt

International Space Station’s 3-D Printer

The International Space Station’s 3-D printer has manufactured the first 3-D printed object in space, paving the way to future long-term space expeditions. The object, a printhead faceplate, is engraved with names of the organizations that collaborated on this space station technology demonstration: NASA and Made In Space, Inc., the space manufacturing company that worked with NASA to design, build and test the 3-D printer. 218 more words

Jonathan Offt