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5 Things Non-Religious People Want Religious People To Consider

I grew up without any religious affiliation in a very religious town and now attend a southern college that also has a large religious presence. Many of my best friends are extremely religious and while I love them, I wish that they would consider the five following points. 430 more words

Aronofsky's contribution to the war against God

Darrel Aronofsky is either an atheist, or non-religious, and his film ‘Noah’ demonstrates it. There is a universal law that says people will be known by their actions: ‘Watch out for false prophets. 544 more words

Answering Sceptics

Prayer at City Council Meeting in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

Recent news regarding Christian prayer being conducted before city council meetings in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, was a topic of discussion this week, and naturally there was a complaint presented before the council regarding the issue of Christian prayer being said before each meeting. 1,284 more words


the non-religious origins of the festival of HOLI

holi is not one of my favourite festivals. i know its got tomatina festival like status amongst tourists, but growing up in india i did not like it. 374 more words


The Revert Twitter Follower

Recently our Twitter account (@IslamAware) gained one particular new follower, who’s profile description made me want to know more about them. Masha’Allah, he was a reasonably new revert to our deen. 412 more words



The GOOD BOOK is a non-religious bible. It is fourteen books of the collected wisdom contained in more than a thousand texts written by the wise and the sages that have existed in the world. 255 more words

On My Mind

I Wonder about People

I wonder about how people think.  I don’t mean in a psychological or neurological way, but rather in how people can justify doing, thinking, or saying the things they do.  439 more words