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Secular Schooling in South Africa...

Originally posted on : South African Secular Society

South Africa is a declared secular state, meaning that there is a legal separation of “church” and state, made up of law, policy and legislative practices enforcing that no governmental institution (including schools) are either affiliated, or influenced by any religion. 384 more words


27 Things. Happy Birthday to Me

Today, I turn 27.  Last year, today, I was in a busy market in downtown Manila picking out souvenirs for our family back home in America, desperately trying to hurry as my husband herniated a disc and could barely move.   753 more words


Coping when you don't believe in god.

*If you are religious, this post is not for you. It shouldn’t be offensive (my intent is never malicious), but it is meant for people who do not believe in organized religion.* 252 more words

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Explaining Agnosticism

Recently my own philosophical views and religious standings have been brought up a lot in conversation. As a student of religion and a historian of early Christianity, it happens. 1,245 more words


Who Am I, and Why Did I Create This Blog?

I am here to write about my experience growing up LDS, and my transition from LDS to non-religious.  I am here to share my research and the truths I found in this transition.  94 more words

Letter 1: Anti-Hell Timeline Analysis

A person can always chose to celebrate the truth. This is time-independent. If a person commits a lie, then they should correct the deceitful words. This is universal instantiation. 172 more words

Christian Faith Is Hearsay

Christian, your faith is not really in god and Jesus. Your faith is really in those men who wrote those ancient texts that now comprise the Bible. 1,536 more words