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>-I you’re more likely to have a hangover if you drink in the eave-ning >-I

ours was a “BP oil spill” kind of relationship, rather than a… 77 more words


A Treatise on the YA Debate: Shame or Corey Haim?

I do not care what books you read. I would argue that it’s only important that you do read—but I’m not sure that’s true either. Reading a book about a cancerous Norwegian hockey player might help you understand what it’s like to be a cancerous Norwegian hockey player, but what if you already are a cancerous Norwegian hockey player? 398 more words

O Sweet Slumber, Where Hast Thou Gone?

There have been many nights where I purposefully did not sleep. Sometimes it was to finish an assignment I had already procrastinated for weeks and was due by 9am the next morning; other times it was to watch movies, play games, or hang out and talk with friends; and yet other times, it was simply to beat sleep. 301 more words


Rampant Hedgehogs: The Art of the Non Sequitur

More lunacy…

Or something!

They do, don’t they? Ramp, I mean! Climb too, the bristly little sods. Get one spike in your turn-ups and, before you know it, you’re wearing one – usually in crevices no hedgehog has been before. 575 more words