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Wire Face


Base Drawings (Top) Finished Wired Out Face (Bottom)

The base drawings are done without lifting my sharpie from the paper, as well as not looking at my drawing as I was drawing. 36 more words


Design by Nature Chapter 2, 5, 7, 8 Review

Chapter 2 discussed efficiency, functionality, and flexibility behind good design. It discussed the importance of how to deal with the options presented in design, and went over the proper handling of finding solutions. 270 more words


Senior Studio: Senior Thesis - Rain Scene

This is a still shot of what the rain scene will look like at the beginning and the end of the animation.  Here, I created volumetric clouds that uses a particle system with fluid dynamics to create the realism of the cloud.   19 more words


Surrealist Sculpture

The idea for this piece came from a recurring dream I have had since I was young, where I am caught in a wave and I am reaching out to grab someone, anyones hand, and as soon as I do, I loose my grip and I am engulfed in the waves. 152 more words


Head Bust: Self Portrait

One of the largest projects I have had this semester, in total the process of creating a bust of myself spanning between the months of october and november. 77 more words