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Face Mask / Drawing


As a project, we had to construct a face mask. Through observation, we had to draw the face mask as accurate as possible with appropriate shading. 266 more words


Face Mask and Drawing

In this work, I created a mask that fit on my face well and then drew said mask with charcoal with a light shining on it. 276 more words


Facemask: Drawing

Which of the 12 principles of design do you feel is weakest in this piece?
I need to work more on the shape of the drawings. 169 more words


Face Mask


For Write Up Click PDF Link = MaskWriteUp



The Purpose of this project was to practice different ways of representing geometric shapes in order to represent our faces. Since the mask was made up of paper, I had to make multiple pieces of paper and tape them together in order to make it resemble myself. 479 more words