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Glitch Art Presentation

If you look up the meaning of the word “glitch”, it is a fault or a defect. Knowing this, I chose the image I did because it contained a beautiful model. 95 more words


Glitch art

I’m made some glitch art using Audacity. By turning an image it sound manipulating it a little and turning it back into an image. 15 more words

Non- Timebased

Stop Motion Survey of Animation project.

Lotte Reiniger is an animator, director, and filmmaker from Germany. Her films consisted of cutout animation with heavy used of silhouettes on a far lighter background. 251 more words


Visual Vocabulary #3

Texture: The surface quality of a shape – rough, smooth, soft hard glossy etc. Texture can be physical (tactile) or visual.

Size: 7 x 10 inches… 34 more words


Movie Poster Resubmit

My movie poster is based on the dadaism. It criticize the rich and the powerful people or organization who maintain their status at the expense of the less wealthy. 13 more words


Journal Week 9

Words: Contrast, Pattern

Media: Charcoal

Dimensions: 9 x 12