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Turkey Time

Dress: Marmellata; Shoes: Carters; Hair Ties: Goody

This Thanksgiving is extra special around here because although it is Kayla’s second Thanksgiving, it is the first one with her Nona. 175 more words


Apa Kabar Nona?

Apa Kabar Nona?

masihkan kau risau karena rindu
masihkah kau gelisah karena janji yang belum ditunaikan

Apa Kabar Nona?

tersentakkah kau ketika ada yang bertambah tua ketika kau bertambah usia… 55 more words


How to rewrite this rails 4 query to reduce the code

I have a Rails query where I am selecting all trial ids where the names field is blank or nil. Is there a way to rewrite this so it’s cleaner? 25 more words

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jquery-ui datepicker css disables datepicker functionality in Rails 4

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