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Innexviews: Pika speaks, Seth listens

“Do we know anything?”
“Nothing, as always. GG is too silent. Won’t tell me a thing.”
“At least nothing meaningful.”
“So, we’re just waiting?”
She looked at me with a smile. 173 more words

Innexviews: Definition of us 171231564

“So, Pika has finally found her second mate?” she laughed. She always had a sweet laughter. I can’t think about it, it will hurt.
“Seems so. 155 more words

Innexviews: What a new discovery.

31st July 2010.

“We’ve confirmed a new discovery.”

“What?” I almost choked. Grazia Garnett Teosi, the French domination of positive charge of blackness, was standing right before me. 461 more words

Innexviews: Seth's wasting time

20th June 2004. A little girl, Nona, all in black. Everybody in black. No occasion, just two empty graves and a bunch of people standing above them. 366 more words

Chin Up: Filler Art/Comic: Learnin'

While I’m getting better with traditional media, I’m still terrible when it comes to vector art.

Chin Up


This is sort of awkward because I (you) have this policy of not looking back lest I regret something…
Not that I could ever regret you, you sort of just happened and until you were about 16 you were mostly mom’s problem… 419 more words