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A Polyhedron Featuring Twelve Regular Pentadecagons, and Twenty Regular Enneagons

In the last post here, there were two polyhedra shown, and the second one included faces with nine sides (enneagons, also known as nonagons), as well as fifteen sides (pentadecagons), but those faces were not regular. 113 more words


Python Process which is joined will not call atexit

I thought Python Processes call their atexit functions when they terminate. Note that I’m using Python 2.7. Here is a simple example:

from __future__ import print_function
import atexit
from multiprocessing import Process

def test():
    atexit.register(lambda: print("atexit function ran"))

process = Process(target=test)
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A Polyhedral Journey, Beginning with a Near-Miss Johnson Solid Featuring Enneagons

When Norman Johnson first found, and named, all the Johnson solids in the latter 1960s, he came across a number of “near-misses” — polyhedra which are… 374 more words