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What Offends Me? (Image)

Image text: “I’m not offended by believers believing in God. I’m offended by believers trying to force others to live by the rules of the God they believe in.” 20 more words


Christmas Love

In my home we eat the leftover Turkey while we give in to Christmas. I live by a strict code: no Holy or Silent Nights until after Thanksgiving. 595 more words


The Coyote and the Wolf

Let me tell you about the story of the Coyote and the Wolf. There was this Coyote who such a non-believer in everything. He was such a non-believer that even if something stared him right in the face he would question everything about what he had just witnessed with his own eyes. 573 more words


Chasing that Jesus High

“Jesus loves you!” teenagers and children shout through open school bus windows at my nine-year-old brother and I. My heart sinks. I can deal with their harassment, but I can’t protect my younger brother from their words, so full of hatred towards someone who only professed not to believe in any higher power. 489 more words

Right Once. Wrong Once.

All Christians need to be right about is one thing. They could be wrong about everything else, as long as they are right about what they believe. 75 more words