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while under cover

Listen or look less for a change, this leaves only our natural aware listening, overlooking this is common though rarely necessary. No mind would ever have any insight into what this moment is all about without referencing the clarity all moments occur in. 37 more words


Don't get me wrong

You have noticed the senses in operation for a number of years if you are able to read this. You most certainly have noticed you haven’t changed even though the mind you notice often does. 84 more words


Nondual Awareness

End the silence, let repeat the flow
As I enter into this luminescent glow
It grows and suspends my mind
And permanently I come to my kind… 683 more words

To not do

Recalling the so-called and also the freshly arising experiences do happen. The interpretations happen. The wordless awareness happens. We like waves naturally happen and we may resemble these movements during our noticeable awareness and thoughts and also during the not so noticeable lulls in these activities. 37 more words


Say Yes

Never underestimate the absolute importance – and the difficulty – of starting each encounter with a primal “yes,”.
- Richard Rohr

Wonderful advice indeed.

When I meet someone different from me just say YES. 180 more words

I clearly can't change this

Space creates the tasting of its own flavourings, creates thoughts in its own minds, gases of its own suns. The existing alterations can not be I modified, all must arise in clarity, the never changing self as we all have noticed is here in the always alterating, no imaginary I can stop this. Look no further.


mushing the mind

One thing about thought, it can never change the essence which makes you and all things existable. You notice some things in ways many animals around here do. 67 more words