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The nature of selfless love

This is the way it is, the mind may think differently which is natural. The flow is river-like, calm, rushing, this to is natural. The understanding of being selflessly alive displaces much that once seemed right or unnecessary, this to is nature’s course running like you the selfless love you are always will.


Dancing from the heart

One doesn’t one day fly or presently sway in the wind, we are fully just the heart of  it all, we can describe what appears to be seen with what appears to be seeing.   96 more words


Meditation, Yoga, and Loosening My Grip

Breathe. Breathe into the spaces of constriction, allowing them to expand and open up, revealing your infinite nature. Breathe. Realize the infinite worth of yourself, and that there is nothing that you need that you already don’t possess. 591 more words


You're not a part of a problem

There can be no problems for what you are, that is not to say you physically have no role to play in change. You are the only reason change occurs, the mind never had an independent say and need not believe otherwise.  44 more words