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Autumn rings in an air still coated
in summer-scented humidity.

Apple butter, American remembrance,
a fresh-squeezed scent of apricot
nectar bought by the glass bottle in the… 43 more words


The Researcher

When the concept for the story came to me, it felt too great to carry the weight of all that personal emotion. Who knew what I would find! 41 more words


MFA vs NYC by Chad Harbach, Ed.

Harbach, Chad, Ed. MFA vs NYC: The Two Cultures of American Fiction. New York: n+1/Faber and Faber, 2014. Print.

Genre: nonfiction

Summary: A collection of essays where editors, writers, publicists, professors, agents, and others debate the nature of the American literary scene. 325 more words

Annotating Is A Good Habit

A Small Plea

In broad morning light the voice echoes in my head, ringing through my ears. Heart piercing, wrenching, twisting of my very being: what right do you have, what are you worth? 193 more words


The Hunting Lesson (AWIP)

I was never afraid of the blood or the bone or the cold deadness of their eyes as they hung frozen from the pulley above the porch. 462 more words