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American Murder Houses

Finished American Murder Houses by Steve Lehto.  I received a copy from the publisher.

Summary (from Goodreads):

There are places in the United States of America where violent acts of bloodshed have occurred.  284 more words

Books I Received From The Publisher

A Weird Rant

At 1PM I awakened from having a very important dream that might lead to big things for me. In it, I got the most amazing idea for a mainstream story line, that if done right, could lead to a successful series. 1,024 more words



What is a Dog?

by Robert Vivian

What is a dog but my dog-eared heart, the tattered pages and the ink overflowing and in my parched throat a dog howling or wanting to howl, just the word itself of desperate nobility and guttural sound from the road-side ditch and then the other hound loping under the full moon with jowls slavering, another love dog, another body in ruins or on fire inside deep layers of internal burning, which is the only living room that counts and I a dog dissembling, I a dog on the chase after the wild boar or bear, a cougar even, more elegant of line and movement and sinew which fuels my fury and my sorrow, and the dog days of summer or the hounds of hell or Baskerville, that place also, and within the circumference of my apron of dirt I reign supreme with my iron stud collar and chain mail leash that bites into my neck each time I turn and each one of my paws is keen for the kingdom of gnawing and bone and I would pull a sled until I die of exhaustion and though I bay with a hurt and rage that embarrasses the neighbors and all the other animals at least my cry is true and washed clean of any pretension as I make a fool of myself calling again and again for the master who beat me with a broom stick before he left me, he of the club foot and the drunken afternoons circling around his invisible stem and the vile curses that sometimes, sometimes sounded sweet and even tender to my ravaged and flea-bitten ears. 28 more words


The Demons In Us All

Normally, guys like Travis aren’t my typical pick. I go for the grungy guitar players with long carefree hair, a little chin fuzz, and a unique sense of style. 2,224 more words


Redwood Buzz

In a busy city of decision and indecision, power politics and greed, with so many faces just passing by, hearts bruised and beaten, skin thickened by force and cold weather, fragile souls gripping fast to something so intangible that we’ve all almost drowned, I live a life that’s half removed from everything I’ve ever wanted to do. 2,039 more words


Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

DISCLAIMER: I couldn’t finish this book. Or rather I’m choosing not to. Yes, it was that bad.

 In One Line: After going through a bit of a mid-life meltdown, one woman goes on a journey to “self-discovery”, but kinda ends up hopping unintentionally from man to man across 3 different countries, whether it be guy friends, lovers, or husbands, and is also consumed with talking about them incessantly. 310 more words

Hey, Canada!

“Hey, Canada!”

It was sometime after 9pm. I was in New York, standing in the middle of the street. I’d just had dinner, and turned out of the restaurant to walk home. 554 more words