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Public Shaming

A wise young man once told me, “You should write a–holes in your book.  There are a–holes in the real world so not everyone in the book should be a good person.”  And that’s so true.   304 more words


Listen to this Artist: 'The Range'

I do my fair share of Pitchfork album review skimming. Going from one artist to the next, having no clue who most of them are, but reading on anyways to get a feel for how album reviews should be written and listening to those with an 8 score or more. 193 more words

Listen To This Band/Artist

Not as much time as expected (#SFWApro)

Tuesday, you see, I had my semi-annual checkup, which took up a lot of the morning (everything fine, I’m happy to report). I’d planned for it, but it’s still a chunk of time and I have a lot to do. 202 more words


Butterflies: A Creative Nonfiction Piece

FINALLY releasing something of mine that’s related to creative writing! Woo!

Another quick update: I’m just going to post whatever I want on my blog. If I want to write a causal blog entry, cool! 828 more words

Creative Writing

Short Story: "Roscoe's Stories"

For my first short story, I thought I would post a nonfiction piece I wrote in college. It’s about my grandfather, Roscoe Braxton, who died recently. 2,442 more words

Creative Writing


I don’t want to smoke anymore. It’s a writer’s cliché and a habit as bothersome as nail biting and scratching spider bites. I don’t like needing and this has become a need. 1,115 more words

Day 219 "Return to Emptiness"

“We’ll give him a few more minutes, shall we?” The kindly old man seated across from me, crossed one leg over the other and sat back as if he had all the time in the world to wait. 944 more words