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The Lincolns: Portrait of a Marriage

While I mostly read fiction, every once in awhile, a biography will sneak its way into my stacks. Daniel Mark Epstein’s The Lincoln’s:  Portrait of a Marriage… 205 more words



Triumph!  Self can finally remove one piece from her humongous, ever-growing, overflowing Pile of Stuff:  The New York Review of Books Mar. 6, 2014 issue. 222 more words


The Conflict That Was A War Edited by Jim B. Money

Jim B. Money served as a U. S. Army sergeant with Company B of the 65th Engineer Battalion in the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam from January 1967 to January 1968. 483 more words


Book Review: This Star Won't Go Out

I never got to meet Esther Earl, but I feel like I just spent the past few days with her. Esther was an enthusiastic and loving girl who passed away from thyroid cancer at the age of 16. 804 more words


49er of 84

By Nickalas Adams

Les walks into his favorite pub between 4:30 and 5 p.m. six days a week. His location is northern Minnesota, so Sunday’s are spent elsewhere. 1,513 more words


Nonfiction Picture Book in 3 Weeks: Week 2

You’re here! It’s time to work on the ending of your nonfiction picture book.

Your Editing
Start by spending a few minutes going back over the entire text you’ve written. 265 more words


An Epidemic of Absence

An Epidemic of Absence (2012) by Moises Velasquez-Manoff (MVM) is a book that looks in the rise of auto-immune diseases and the hygiene hypothesis. MVM himself has a alopecia, premature baldness and a number of allergies himself and clearly thinks the hygiene hypothesis has merit. 153 more words