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Book Review: Kristy Moody's "Moody"

 My life story is now out on display!

After years of being incognito, I finally released a tell-all about my growing up years, adolescence and the present day. 115 more words


What I Will Be Reading #13

I’ve been banging away at my reading list, and it almost got down to a single column of text. No fears of running out of books to read though. 185 more words


Book fever

I don’t’ know about you, but I have so many books I’m longing to read that it’s a wonder I can make time for frivolous things like work or sleep. 376 more words


The Quicksand Children.

The children are unwitting quicksand. Shells and shrapnel and glass sink into them as soon as it lands. They are tender-bodied, pure-eyed, bereft and confused. Every day, we are losing more of them. 1,000 more words


Have Mother, Will Travel by Claire and Mia Fontaine

I had high hopes for this book, a follow up to the memoir Come Back. There the two authors (mom and daughter) bared their souls and worked on deep issues relating to sexual and drug abuse. 34 more words


Kickstarter, AirBnB, and trust in your fellow man (even strangers)

I’ve been thinking about Kickstarter and AirBnB a lot lately because of Cory Tschogl, a California woman who rented out her Palm Springs condo to two brothers for 44 days. 675 more words