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You Called Me What?

If you own a television, you have seen those commercials.  Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, Ford and Chevy, Dish Network and Comcast, many cell phone companies, and of course, political candidates, try to make themselves look good by running down the competition.  634 more words


Justice for Sale

“I’m very much afraid of this ‘Foundation Complex.’ We’re getting praise from places that worry me,” is an utterance from Ella Baker (1963) that often accompanies discussions and writings on the problematics of the NPIC. 357 more words

Nonprofit Spotlight: UoPeople - Education model of the future?

My favorite companies and organizations are ones that force me to rethink my perception of a topic. One leading example is University of the People… 363 more words

AS a content & media coordinator for a small nonprofit, I love my organization’s Facebook page as a way to create community, foster conversations and provide the public information about our anti-poverty social services. 487 more words

How Nonprofits Rock on Social Media

Recently when working on my final project for Social Media class, I’ve read many opinions online about the role of social media in non-profit fundraising. Many people believe that social media has its value for the future of non-profits but not the most important one. 538 more words

Books by Incredible Women: Between Two Worlds

I stumbled across this book by accident on what I thought would be a relatively uneventful day of travel.  Our schedule consisted of driving from Northern Tanzania to Southern Kenya, an eight-hour expedition. 916 more words

User Experience Matters in Business Applications Too

My team and I build database applications for business users and, like many in the field, this means that I have spent a lot of my career taking risks and making mistakes. 1,369 more words