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Sisterly Love

“Fuck you, Karlotta! Why do you always have to go overboard?!”

Johannika was soaked to the bone, her white top clung to her skin. She crossed her arms over her chest and sobbed. 226 more words



An A actuates the alphabet, ascending not aecidial, it is first Alpha.

B blooms best before C and below an A, Baroque could not be born but by B. 101 more words

Rascals of Banausenhausen - A novel by Kotlinde Rammerschmatz Wildhahn

~ Dedicated to: my lovely husand, Erwin, and his lover, Jorge. ~
Prologue: Silence. Around me: Overwhelming darkness. My head is pounding. What happened? I’m moving my hand. 244 more words



I have a problem with food. I’m addicted to it. Everyday I eat more and more and I can’t stop. This could be a HUGE problem. 146 more words



Happy Friday, Fringelings.  It’s Halloween, and I’m feeling nostalgic this morning.  Maybe not nostalgic because no, I would not want to set the calendar back thirty years,  just looking/thinking back. 741 more words



Currently my life it’s like an eternal waiting. I have to wait to be ok. I have to wait to do what I want to do, to pursue my dreams.I have to wait to change, to feel. 73 more words