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Summer Summer

อยู่ๆก็เปิด 500 days of summer อีก




I just miss my Summer,
But .. Let say Hello to my Autumn. :)



One of my favorite hobbies is to do what I call “pleasure research.” No, its nothing sexual but its just when I’m bored and have something I’m curious about, so I look it up and learn more about it. 346 more words


Well, that happened

Today has been a singularly ridiculous day.  It started out well, with several cups of coffee from my new Prostetnic Publications mug, but I didn’t manage to get dressed and showered until nearly 4:00, having spent most of the previous four or five hours struggling profanely with Microsoft Word and trying to get the manuscript for  332 more words


The Heart of a Dog - MIkhail Bulgakov

I Loved this book. A World famous professor from Moscow entices an injured street dog with mordant humour, nurses him back to health, then transplants the testicles and pituitary gland of a recently deceased man into the dog, who then starts to take on human form; walking on two legs, developing the ability to talk and communicate, get a job. 146 more words

Sunday night relaxation with a view...

Irrelevant fact of the day … Cosmopolitan cocktails were the most popular cocktails worldwide in 2014