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Your Attention, Please!

Professor Mitchell Blanche shoved his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He snorted like he might hock a lougie, but stopped himself before finishing the process. 182 more words


No, You Can't Bring Your Life Size LeBron James Poster Into The Apartment.

My boyfriend and I recently decided to take the step towards cohabitation.

You know, living together. Under the same roof. Sharing a bathroom. Letting him have access to my Netflix queue. 633 more words


Spam comments 2014-09-30

I haven’t posted spam comments in a while, and it’s probably a good thing because it doesn’t really help this site’s machine reputation. These are some of the better ones that I’ve seen lately, though, so I’m going to post them anyway. 159 more words


From 9-29-14

My male film professor talked about the next movie we would be watching and said, “It’s directed by a woman, but we’ll give it a chance.”

Boredom Song

Welcome Boredom, my dear friend

Looks like you seeped in again

Were you hiding within me all along

You are undoubtedly my swan song

96 more words

Sponge Worthy (Not)

Challenge accepted and now…challenge completed.

Got a date via a friend of a friend. Blind date. Not my fave but a challenge had to be met and so I met it. 1,652 more words

General Bitching

Hello world

Hello world.

Echo 1,2 1,2

Echo we are good to go.