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Decked Cards Tumbling Because of You by Sonny Bates

Staring at this box full of pictures
Of you.
Listening to visions of johanna.
Getting sad because you overthink my poetry.
You think what I write is right. 84 more words


The strangling of nonsense

We live in the desert now. If this is indeed a desert. If this is indeed life. Desert, because the sand dunes ripple off so far into the distance that it’s hard to believe that these low wobbles ever end, or that there are any oceans left, or that there’s any non-desert to provide enough of a contrast for us to say that we live in the desert now. 1,899 more words

Politics & Current Events

Is It Just Me Or...

Does anyone else think having a Secret Santa wishlist is kind of pointless? I’m doing it with two different groups of people this year and it’s been established that we should post a list of the top three things we want. 132 more words


E. E. Cummings on mathematics

into a truly
curving form
enters my

feels all small
facts dissolved
by the lewd guess
of fabulous immensity…


erection collection 12

Didn’t like slot number 12 (fauvism), so I decided to do something else went for a mosaic


What Nonsense!

Holy means “set apart” not righteous, as many people assume. The people of God, the Children of Israel, are meant to be a peculiar people, a set apart (holy) nation. 335 more words