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Simon (Wessely) Says : " people with severe mental illness are dying much earlier than they should"

My favorite psychiatrist (after Ben Goldacre of course)- Simon Wessely- just admitted that people with severe mental illness are dying much earlier than they should… 694 more words

Simon Wessely Psychiatrist

A Childhood Doodle!

I would have been a wee bit over ten years old and riding along in the back seat of the car with some markers on the way to Grandma’s house… 13 more words


Yotified Lizbethism

©Sharon Rose

be yotified she’s trill now
totally a block from Noah
thought sexy bestie, plow
turned metrosexual, so ah?

marathoning,”Breaking Bad”
stress affective flea flocker… 161 more words

A Poetry

Just another little introvert

I have days that stink, and the cohabitants of my little village need to learn to let me hide under my rock for a few hours. 134 more words

cubicle complaints ...

For some reason tonight takes me back inside the ladies loo. I’m beginning to wonder why I do so much ‘wondering’ in there…. but it can be a fascinating place sometimes. 186 more words

Sometimes, nothing makes sense

It’s a too-bright computer screen with nothing interesting on it
The bottles of water lined up like soldiers on my desk
Because I don’t need caffeine to keep the dark away anymore… 425 more words


Down the Rabbit Hole ......... Part 2

For all who enjoyed  ‘Part One’ …. here is the second part of my nonsensical   story.  With apologies, once again, to the memory of the marvellous Lewis Carroll. 658 more words