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Reality Check

I worry I can’t
Tell what I want to see from
What you really are
In reality I know
It is something in between


Turkey Turkey Gobble Gobble

Three-quarters the way through a previous life, I was an ice cream truck driver.  I’d crawl through city neighborhoods playing Turkey In The Straw and sell fake ice cream! 65 more words


To Spank or Not To Spank...(Fifty Shades of "Literature")..

There is so much controversy around the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Every where I look there are articles written about it, and people talking about it… so I thought… eh, why not join in the conversation. 1,468 more words


Ribbit's summer fun

I was so bored out of my mind, with all my friends having left town for the holidays, plus zero motivation to do any work and it was too hot to go out, I thought I would try something different today: 313 more words


After a long day, have you ever wish to just fart and float home?

I think I am having enough of writing and might as well let my pen do the talking. And this is the result for today.


The Scathing Nausic Lingle - the complete version

I’ve posted parts of this poem before, but finally decided I should finish it.

With extreme apologies to Lewis Carroll – I give you the completed poem of the scathing nausic lingle. 351 more words


Drawing the Line Between Objective and Subjective Judgements


But you should try so you can be elitist gain a better understanding of the things you watch and your own taste. Not.