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Marianne Moore’s initial 29-line poem delves into the various ways in which poetry is understood, interpreted, and implemented into the world around us. Because it is a poem about poetry, it offers a unique perspective into poetic critique, both serving as a critique of itself as well as a broader critique of poetry as a method of expression. 219 more words

Marianne Moore

CSS transform interpolation

For rotate I initially used rotate notation to represent a rotation. This came with the caveat that (taking the 4×4 as an example, so there are four orientations) the orientation can’t reduced mod 4 because transitioning from… 324 more words


Back to school checklist


Aspirin [ ]
Coffee [ ]
Soda [ ]
Energy drinks [ ]

There’s no way in the hell you can live without it. 72 more words


Disco biscuits

This is a video of Professor Stephen Stahl, author of Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology, doing a DSM-5 themed version of Stayin’ Alive by the BeeGees. 34 more words


Summer..it's just a phase

Now it’s only been 2 weeks, but I realize that you are starving. You are starving for more, craving delicious posts of Blogness. All the other Blogs you are subscribed to are probably on vacation, relaxing in the sun, living the easy life, enjoying some free time and that is why I am here. 856 more words


Computer Sucks

Ok so if you know me (slightly or heavily) you surely know I hate Apple and their fan with passion. Though, recently I started to have more love with iPhone and iOS (used to think iPhone looks nice but entertainingly stupid and do much less stuff than Android, but soonly know that’s what smartphones are for) and it made me think of loving OS X a little bit more. 1,053 more words


Seven years, four frames

I have been playing with frame building since at least 2007, and harbouring ambitions to have a go for a fair while before that.   Since then, ‘have a go’ is exactly what I’ve done – building a grand total of four frames in the process. 452 more words