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No. 656

The Onion Song! By CpSingleton © 2014

Oh, where did I put my blinking on-i-ion?
The one with the silver skin!
I wore it last night to heal my bun-i-ion, 51 more words


An All New Type of Class Schedule

Either being a couple weeks into class, or just about to get started with your school year, I think it’s fair to say that we are ALL taking some classes that are… 540 more words


Day 11 of 90: Come Mr. Sandman!

I don’t know about you, but I am a sleeper. Well, I was a sleeper until about a month ago. I used to be a solid eight hours a night girl. 188 more words



it’s vicious he said with its eyes bloody red
and its teeth that are sharp like a blade
its claws oh so keen and its language obscene… 143 more words

124: Pauli

I don’t think I bombed that quantum computing exam, but I did waste a lot of time on question 3(c). This was not spent on hard work, though; instead, I wrote a skit on… 137 more words


Reasons why good cards are good – Vol. 2: Compression

Warning: there will be almost no maths in this post. I hate maths.

Today’s topic is kind of an elephant in the small room that is WS, so it needs to be gotten out of the way, and fast. 3,849 more words


Do you have trouble with surds,too? I can't creak sometimes.

And no,I never made a Freudian slip in my wife,said Fred.
I am always very careful when I leak.
How about you, he asked…
Me,not even wild meadowplants could drag a herd out of me,I told him cautiously. 58 more words