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more ornithological observations

Some of you may recall my recent mumblings about the odd behaviour of a bunch of unidentified, and somewhat nondescript birds. There they were, huddled together on the electrical cable high above the middle of the river, presenting me with a  whole lot of unanswered questions… most of which remain unanswered (and forgotten… along with the birds). 170 more words

An Actual Text From My Daughter

Frog already know what I told you not to lean years. Usually you know Go somewhere around there really uses like yoga.yeah there you all

Original Poems

Magic World

Life is weird and people are freaks.

Just embrace it, they can watch everything anyway. Then you’ll be free and have no secrets to hide! 112 more words




Excited to get some of these bastards in my tum once I get paid! Perpers.

Here is an actual genuine frugal life tip: 193 more words

Do you know what this is?

This is the greatest carbon fibre silk liquid known to man. This could power the entire universe.

Even though it’s obviously just some shitty half arsed render I did one day, trying to make something better than this. 9 more words



When you have 5000 bits of cardboard and nothing to do with it what would you consider a worthy past time? The obvious solution is to set it alight and throw it up in the air so it scatters in all directions, no? 153 more words