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Right, so about that post a few days ago...

I made a one word post about how I wrote 15,000 words in a day on January 20something. Since that day, I have not written at all. 418 more words


Trade Everything for Everything

On our way trying to have everything, we lose everything. The harder we try to achieve, the more we lose as a price for that. Sometimes we do not notice what we have truly lost, unless we confront ourselves… Unless we make a pause, and take a look back to our lives… Unless we evaluate honestly, who we were, and who we are now… When we lose, we lose hard. 61 more words


Imagination and Delight

The riddle of other people’s lives is why they contain so many delusional lies!

Embracing the fantasies over perilous truths, fixing glass ceilings that are more like straw roofs. 203 more words


Cold, depraved and powerful

“You know what, honey? I’m going to change the hero of my novel.”
“Instead of a cold, depraved and powerful man it’s going to be a cold, depraved and powerful woman.” 167 more words


Dear fellow Rochester 20-30-somethings,

If you think your life is hard,

Shut up.

I don’t want to listen to you complain if the following characteristics apply:

You are a… 275 more words


Chaos Dressed as a Company Mascot

Her sunny apartment in the quiet
suburbs, besieged –
the presidential palace – a society
in which women shine into endless
violence –
chaos dressed as his company’s mascot— 42 more words

Foreign Affairs

Dreaming in Color

The room I grew up in looked like Walt Disney had projectile puked in technicolor.  That was more than a bit much, but I guess it had an influence.  341 more words