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How I started..

The other night I found my self overload by toughts to the point that I couldn’t fall asleep. I didn’t know what to do so I just took my notebook and started to write. 67 more words

rotate updates

I pushed a bunch of commits today yesterday and now rotate has touchscreen support. Like, whoa, literally nobody requested that feature because literally nobody knows about that project anyway. 809 more words


Cookie's Commandments Of Not Killing People

Dead babies in a storage locker.  Some Quebec asshole runs down some Mounties with his car because he wants to be  Jihadist.   Nurses killing patients because they or their families are annoying.  349 more words


Thoughts on some nonsense

I wanted to share my thoughts on an article i noticed in the Finnish press: http://www.hs.fi/matka/a1352353735028?jako=5fd399c8a28fa603ff86624a8ab61cef&ref=fb-share

The subjects is mainly about how children are hated in Finland but unfortunately the writer doesn’t say anything more than the fact that Finns are so annoyed by noisy and ill-behaved kids in public and outside is not like that because he traveled a lot and people are more kid-loving and the pastures are always green on the other side. 542 more words


Drunk flamingos, treading grass

Drowning in tea,

pressured in to being someone different than me.

obscure reality dredging dreams.

opiate coloured theme.

interior monologues, quite pristine.


nightmare abundance or triply wave of harem.

“of cabbages and kings”


Temporary ramblings and nonsense.

It may seem harsh to conclude that everyone and everything is temporary. I don’t believe this to be an apathetic or cynical view of the world. 153 more words

not fallen off the map

status update: i have not fallen off the map. i’ve been under influence. of a creepy virus, freely donated by countless students.

when i am not asleep, or in class, i read. 151 more words