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Love Is ... Silly

Three silly girls were jumping on the bed, and yes of course, they bumped their heads. But mom and dad roll with the punches with a coolness I wish I could bottle and bring home to deal with my littles.  71 more words


"You have to carry the fire."

“I don’t know how to.”
“Yes, you do.”
“Is the fire real? The fire?”
“Yes it is.”
“Where is it? I don’t know where it is.” 111 more words


6,000 miles

I decided I have to do it.

My plan is to begin working there in August. That means I have 8 months to prepare for this insanity. 144 more words

A Video Look at the Glade Boutique

SC Johnson, a maker of household products, including Glade, has opened a Glade “popup” store in New York City. This store will be open through December 23, 2014.  61 more words
Part 3: Targeting Customers And Gathering Information