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Yes! New Book Release--> #checkitout #it'snotwhatyouthink

Yes! It’s finally here!

It’s Not What You Think consists of six separate short stories of women on the edge, and it is available NOW on Amazon.com. 163 more words

Unconventional Careers for Women

Through the eyes of modern America, it is difficult to imagine a time when women were unable to hold the same jobs as men. Women have come far in most current industries and professionals. 540 more words


My Weird Italian-Meets-American Wedding in Italy

In honor of our one year anniversary, I thought I’d write a bit on my experience with wedding-planning and wedding-having in Italy. Because I’m American and he’s Italian, our planning process was both extra fun and additionally stressful as we chose which traditions we wanted to keep and which we wanted to discard, while adding in our own weird personal touches in the process. 1,310 more words


Niche Friendship

Not every one you come across is willing to give you their time. That doesn’t mean they’re not as nice as they appear, and it doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy of their time. 192 more words


pop-up portrait of paola...

I’ve mentioned before how terrific Baltimore is for artists and writers. It seems like opportunities come fast and furious here, and it’s often just as much about connecting people as it is about the work itself. 352 more words