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Some control issues.

Since coming back to Michigan I have been on hyper-drive: I am not freshman over-achiever, highlighting in the textbook and going to Office Hours weekly, remembering to sign up for study groups by putting a note in my daily-planner, I am their queen – the returnee. 419 more words

Noise & the Breakdown of Traditional Music Technique

J.S. Bach once said that with any instrument “all one has to do is hit the right notes at the right time and the thing plays itself” (B). 794 more words

Indoor Go Karts

One thing I love about my hubby and I is we are so non-traditional.

Now, we did get out to the lake on the fifth. But since I had to work the morning of the fourth we just drove around Dallas area looking for fun stuff to do. 193 more words


A Year Has Passed Since I Applied to Medschool

A year ago, on this day, I submitted my AMCAS. I held off on submitting to edit a few things, I think the effort & risks were worth it. 148 more words

What My Medschool Interviews Were Like

I received 8-interview invitations, but after consulting with my wallet, I only went onto 5-interviews. Anyways, about $7K and 5 dry-cleanings of ubiquitous charcoal suit later, I was accepted into all 5-programs. 1,974 more words