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3 ways to improve your non-verbal communication skills at work

Many people think of professional communication as primarily verbal—however, our body language can also communicate powerful messages about what we are saying, feeling and thinking at any given moment. 270 more words

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Fist in Face: Body Language in Stories

Quick! A fight scene breaks out! Which one of these guys started it?

Photos by patrisyu and David Castillo Dominici on FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Chances are, you picked the guy on the left. 570 more words

Fight Scenes

Mindful Communication: Verbal and Nonverbal

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone only to realize that they weren’t even paying attention? Much of the time, people fail in their communication, either from a lack of interest or unknowingly because of their patterns of social behavior. 779 more words


10 reasons dogs are better at communicating than people.

When it comes to communicating, canines have a lot to offer. Being that this blog is ALL about communicating and the ways we can improve it, I thought it might be time for us to learn a thing or two from the ones that do it best.  274 more words

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The Origin of Success

The most profound forms of intimacy are based on relationships where the participants do their best to identify each others needs, and give each other their best. 262 more words


This is why it was the best conversation we've ever had

Love lies beneath words
We don’t need to talk out loud
It blooms between us