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Stand Up Straight & Don't Pace

Platform movement and posture are essential elements of nonverbal communication. Like gestures, they should look and feel natural to reinforce the message and not distract. The stance and movement of the body involve the total person, mentally and physically. 816 more words


Savipra’s Road to Intellectual Elegance

It is just about right that I chose to be in this field. It has been a longstanding interest of mine to pursue the field of Psychology. 1,205 more words


A Lesson on Listening (#3 - Learn How to Show Value)

In an effort to learn how to be a better listener, you should understand when to shut up, what to hear, how to show value, and why it matters. 436 more words

The Language of Life Part 4 of 5

This is part 4 of 5 on a series called: “The Language of Life”.

These are thoughts on how reality and more specifically biology communicates and how this communication relates to everything from our personal lives to what we face on the global stage.


Cultural application project for Nonverbal communication: The Real Housewives

Group Project: The Real Housewives of “______________”


You will be divided into groups and will be writing a script surrounding a specific culture you choose. 152 more words


You Feel Me?

Communication is so very important for those seeking love or wanting to keep their current relationships HOT and sizzling.

Repeat after me “Loving Touch Speaks Volumes of Unspoken Words” 743 more words


FBI Agent Explains How To Spot Liars

Bill Brown says the eyes are not only windows to the soul, they’re human lie detectors.