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About Tone.

I use a shorthand when I talk about tone. I tell people: I don’t hear tone. I hear volume.

That’s not entirely accurate. I do… 291 more words

Adult Autism

The Truth as Told by Nonverbal Cues

An essay on non-verbal communication based on the pilot episode of TV series Lie to Me.

Seven billion people on Earth, each wants to hear the truth. 1,201 more words

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Nonverbal "Communication"

One of my big problems is nonverbal “communication.”

I can’t see it. I can’t really believe it’s real. But everyone I know who isn’t autistic assures me that it is real. 481 more words

Adult Autistic

What does your non-verbal communication say about you?

I can’t express enough that it’s more than what you say, it is how you say it. It is in your tone, in your conviction within the message you are sending, and most importantly, in what the receiver of the message sees, your non-verbal message, your body language. 256 more words


Are You Media Ready...?

This piece is inspired by a lot of not so good posters I keep seeing around town, we all know that campaigns have started earnestly. 323 more words

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CAPS LOCK but no emoticons?: How do you express emotions through text?

How do you express anger through text messages?

It’s just a thought that came to mind while I was texting someone a couple of days ago. 782 more words


Personal Brand Building..

Everything Is Perception..
What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You??
How Do You Want To Be Perceived..???
How Do People Perceive You..?

Why do you think Brands Advertise Or Improve Advertisements..?? 269 more words

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