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Interview with Gene Sharp

Interview with Gene Sharp
by Ian Sinclair
Peace News
March 2012

Arguably the best-known advocate of nonviolence working today, through books such as 1993’s ‘From Dictatorship to Democracy’ Gene Sharp has influenced popular revolutions and revolts across the globe. 2,147 more words

Gene Sharp

Pieces of Peace

The stark and haunting simplicity of this photograph depicting the last earthly possessions of Mahatma Gandhi was the catalyst for Experiments with Truth: Gandhi and Images of Nonviolence… 123 more words


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Faith & sports: Why Do Preachers and Worship Leaders Talk So Much About Sports These Days?

“Sports is one of the greatest idols of contemporary American culture and we need to be very discerning about its presence and influence.”

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ten thousand

Perhaps it was nickel-plated

or chrome,

gaudily tasseled like the theatrics of Roman cathedrals.

They come gold-handled, sterling silver, or of crude iron like the gothic fences of the rich— 972 more words


Non-Violence by Mark Kurlansky

To put it mildly, I have spent considerable time researching and thinking about nonviolence, in terms of its history and even more so its philosophy. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, I delved deeply into the subject and wrote a great deal about it, attempting to articulate the moral philosophical underpinnings of nonviolence (never with more than mixed success, at least based on the reactions of my professors, who were more puzzled or bemused than anything at my choice of “specializing” in something so far from the mainstream of academic philosophy). 1,274 more words


A Pastoral Letter to Members of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Force

Sisters and brothers on the Ferguson police force,

Grace and peace to you. On Monday I stood outside the Ferguson police station with hundreds of other clergy, asking for justice for Michael Brown, and for a change in our police culture. 955 more words

Holy Communion

Gandhi: An Inspiration for All

Gandhi: An Inspiration for All
by Krystalia Keramida

It is undeniable that Gandhi is one of the world’s greatest political and spiritual leaders. In India he is honoured as the father of the nation. 1,050 more words